2014 Sports Predictions

BUGger dem Yanks
2014 Sports Predictions

NEW YORK , NY – Let’s face it: 2013 has been awful for New York sports fans. The Yankees and Mets both sucked. The Jets and Giants both sucked. The Knicks and Nets are two of the worst teams in a terrible Eastern Conference. The Rangers are pretty terrible and the Islanders are worse.  It’s best that we say good riddance to 2013 and look ahead to brighter skies in 2014. With that, here are a few 2014 Sports Predictions that might serve as bright spots.

For the Yankees, 2014 may be more about who is not on the team than who is. Gone are Phil Hughes (to Minnesota) and Joba Chamberlain (to Detroit). And all I can say to that is good riddance! Jettisoning the two former top prospects marks the end of years of headaches and agita. For years the Yanks held on to the two young pitchers and refused to entertain the notion of trading them. The hope was that Hughes and Chamberlain would become go-to guys at the front end of the rotation or at the back end of the bullpen. Unfortunately, neither pitcher lived up to the hype. Now they’re both gone and the Yankees got nothing for them other than the comforting knowledge of knowing that neither of them will pitch for the Yankees again.

Arsesnio Joins Mets!

The Yankees also upgraded their outfield, signing Jacoby Ellsbury and former/disgruntled Met Carlos Beltran – complete with mole. Things are looking up for the Yankees lineup, with or without A-Rod. Now if the Yanks can just do something about pitching.

Fans in Queens have something to look forward to also. The Mets have made some amazin’ moves this offseason. They signed Curtis Granderson to add some pop to their outfield. The Grandy Man benefited from playing in Yankee Stadium with the short right field porch, but he never lacked power in Detroit. This bodes well for him playing in the cavernous New Shea. Granderson is a good signing for the Mets, even though they’re probably paying a bit too much for a .23o average.

BartoloColonThe Mets also signed the 54-year-old Bartolo Colon to shore up their rotation. Colon is coming off of a solid year in Oakland, but he’s also coming off of a suspension for PEDs in 2012. The Met’s signed the portly pensioner to a contract that will take Colon to his 85th birthday. By then he might weigh over 1,000 pounds. It will all be worth it if Big Bart can keep his piss clean and pitch anywhere near as well as he pitched for the Athletics last season.

On the hardwood, the Knicks and Nets combined have fewer wins than the Miami Heat. At least Knicks fans can look forward to not having Carmelo Anthony next season, as he’ll bugger off somewhere else this summer. Whether that will be good or bad for the Knicks remains to be seen. The Knicks would be better off without but I don’t know who would replace him… we’ll deal with one obstacle at a time.

henrik-dmd-webOn the ice, things are starting to look better for the Rangers. They won their last two games before the Christmas break behind some stellar play from new number one netminder Cam Talbot. Henrik Lundqvist is now the most expensive backup in sports. The Rangers have been playing better of late. The goals are starting to come and they look like they could go on a run once they get healthy.

Here’s to 2014 being a lot better than 2013 in New York Sports… and Junoir Blaber, tomorrow.

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  1. How do you think Carlos Beltran indicated his mole on the 2010 US Census? I know he lists it as a dependent on his taxes.

  2. I know that in 2014 (and for the third year in a row) MY Oakland A’s will win more games than the Mets. Just a gut feeling that there will be no Colonoscopy from the Metsies Black Bart if he pitches against us.

    The Yankees won’t make the playoffs—I think this decade should just be deemed The Throwback 80’s Decade for Yanks( or How To Blow a Few Billion the Hard Way)

    NBA and NHL–as always talk to me in June about these guys when it matters.

    The MLS New York Red Bulls will make another great run and then fail miserably at the end.

    As for myself—I think I’ll watch just as much sport on tv but will cut back a li’l on the wings and pigs in a blanket……alcohol consumption will stay the course like a good manager should.

    • The Mets are nothing more then a 4th place team. The Nationals will run away with it this year. They are deep.

      • If the Mets make 3rd, it is a good season. The Red Bulls will make the MLS final and choke, like they always do.

  3. Well.. you know how I feel about Hughes and Joba (tho I was less vocal about him). They could’ve gone to HELL for all I cared (or… to gnat heaven). I think Grandy is a great add for the Mets. If nothing else.. he’ll add a little spark to the team both on and off the field.

    Now. Could someone please get to making Jacoby jerseys?!?! My littlest Cookie has decided that’s the Yankee jersey he wants.

    • Grandly will be a good met and he’ll give wright a little protection in that lineup. That is if grander son can avoid breaking his hand on every pitch he sees.

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