4 Free Week 15 NFL Picks plus last-minute NFL Notes

untitledNORTH SALEM, NY– A partially frozen lake with falling snow accumulating on floes and bare trees is the picturesque vista beyond the computer and bedroom windows while writing in this bucolic winter wonderland sixty miles north of NYC. Snow during last week’s NFL slate couldn’t help defenses stop offensive efforts in the most prolific scoring Sunday in history. Something else that can’t be stopped are my 4 Free Week 15 NFL Picks (3-1 last week) and a winning rate north of 60%… actually 63%. Today’s blizzard of winners are:

Speedy Giants Offense?
Speedy Giants Offense?

FAVORITE: How much do the Giants suck? Let me count the ways…
-Last week’s abomination against San Diego was so dreadful and non-competitive that I fell asleep watching the frogging game.
-The Giants have lost twice to the Dallas Cowboys and their defense unable of stopping a pregnant woman on roller skates in her thirty-ninth week of gestation.
Big Blew is one game better in record than the mighty likes of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, and Tampa Bay Yucks.
And their opponent?
-The Seahawks are smarting after last week’s buzzer beater to the hated Niners.
Seattle acclimates themselves to the East Rutherford confines for an expected return trip in February.
‘Nuff said… SEATTLE -7.

Minnesota Bookie-buster!
Minnesota Bookie-buster!

UNDERDOG: Has there been a more hard luck team than Angry Ward’s Viking’s? I mean this poor guy roots for the NFL’s snake-bitten equivalent to the New York Mets – whom he also backs. Better (bettor?) days are ahead Angry One. If only Matt Cassel started from the word go, the current 3-9-1 mark would be less paltry. In any event, the Norsemen have summoned the power of Thor’s hammer to cover five of the last six contests and I’m not jumping off the seafaring money vessel against the overachieving Eagles. Isn’t it time Philthy lays an egg on the road?  MINNESOTA +5 1/2.

OVER: A fish rots from the head down and today’s ‘over’ selection is as fishy as they come. The Redskins are a complete mess in the locker room, on field, and in management’s offices. Careful messing with voodoo doll RG lll, Mike Shanahan as you shut him down for Kirk Cousins. On the other sideline are the hometown Atlanta Falcons who closed up shop two months ago and are still banged up. The line is fifty. 50! Fitty? Smells fishy enough where somebody expects two dead-in-the-water teams to light up the scoreboard like a Xmas tree. WASH/ATL OVER 50.

Week #15 MVP Candidate
Week 15 NFL Picks MVP Candidate

UNDER: The Dallas Cowboys defense suh-hucks.  SUH-HUCKS! How did they win seven games? The game plan on offense is obvious as no deep post patterns are called anymore in order to keep the Allas (no “D” in Dallas anymore) defense off the field.  The Green Bay Packers arrive with playoff hopes albeit without Aaron Rodgers but other no-names have thrown the ball all over the Cowboys so Matt Flynn will need to be kept in check.  A healthy dose of Cowboys runs and ten yard routes keep this close to the total but under nonetheless.  GB/DALL UNDER 48

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  1. As they wait to pull the plug on the Metrodome(and hopefully their coach)and deflate it like a beach ball at the end of Labor Day weekend the Vikings do have a chance at this one, Cheeseman. Picking the Vikes to cover as underdogs two weeks in a row–gutsy! Go Vikings!!!!Hey,if anyone had mentioned that Iran would put another monkey in space or China would put something on the moon then things would be different for the Giants but Seattle is good too. Over and Under’s—crossing fingers for your picks.
    It’s been a cold,snowy,miserable weeekend so far and I won’t leave the house today either but I would have if there had been a MtM Holiday Festival scheduled. And that’s all I have to say about that.

    • Shoveled snow (lots of it up here), salted and now my balky back is acting up so it’ll be football all day long laying on the couch with a bottle of scotch and my pooch.

      • All the icy rain last night melted all the snow here.I’m still not going anywhere today. I have potato skins, pigs in the blanket ,some leftover stew I made from scratch and Heineken. My homemade quilt from Tall Matt’s mom will keep me warm.
        Go Vikings!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Oh, you know who wins the Heisman so rally rooting for Auburn now!

  2. Cheeseman, Merry Christmas!

    What, not even a mention of the Shawn Thornton suspension? I thought this was a Sports Site??? As a Bruins fan I’m sure it’s tough for you to be unbiased, but as a Hockey fan you gotta know that move was straight up P_SSY!!! I HATE the Penguins a little more than most, but THAT was ridiculous!

    Anywho, your Bruins seem to be playing good Hockey and my Rangers are in the toilet with little chance of change in the foreseeable future! We are, to borrow the term, ONE HOT MESS!!!

    Good Luck, and again enjoy the Season!

    We now return you back to your regularly scheduled PATHETIC Football gambling chatter!!!


    • Jay to the R, what’s up, man? Where you been? Merry Xmas to you and yours and all good things to come your way!
      Thornton…I’ll never defend that type of behavior on the ice. The only thing worse is a stick swinging incident. I’d never use the word P*SSY to describe Thorty and to his credit was contrite and disappointed with himself afterword with the press. Orpik has to man up and drop ’em when challenged after his close-to-the-edge hit on Eriksson (who’s on IR as a result). Neal was suspended for his Rollerball move (knee to Marchand’s head) prior to the offense in question and while the refs share some of blame for how they called the game, Thornton fulfilled his job description as the enforcer but stepped over the line. It was a perfect storm. Chris Kelly also suffered a broken leg as a result of a Pascal Dupuis slash to the back of the leg, And yes, in true hockey form, Kelly finished the GAME playing on one good leg.
      PEACE OUT!

  3. Hey Cheesy… but didn’t the snow make you go all ‘Awww.. isnt’ it so magical, mystical and prettttty’ as it was falling yesterday?? No? Me f*cking neither. Keep it. WINTER. CANCELLED.

    That NFC East sucks on ice. Any division where its ‘the first place Eagles’ and a pathetic Giants team are STILL not the WORST team in a division, is a JOKE.

    I like your thinking this week Cheesy and turning my full positive thoughts to the Vikings, since my Broncs blew it this week but are secure in a playoff spot anyway.

    • Cookie— I’m torn on the New England Vs. Miami game. The Jets (& Chargers) still have a playoffs chance (in hell some might say) and they need Miami to lose. Yet, I want your Broncos to have a better record than that cheatin b*#st*rd Belichick’s Patriots and need Miami to win. Since the Jets really ain’t gonna make it I’m going to root for Miami. Sorry Jets fans 🙁

      • jgclancy.. the NE/Miami tilt?!?! That’s an easy one. I’m never torn on a game with the Pats in it. Cheer for the Pats to LOSE.. in SPECTACULAR fashion… ALWAYS.

        • I know you want Miami to win but I have a sister (Jets fan) and brother (Chargers fan) that want the Dolphins to lose. I can hear Michael Corleone saying ” never go against the family” but I just hate belichick so GO ‘Phins!!!! cough choke weeze…that was tough to say outloud too

          • And to watch the Pats get completion after completion.. as per usual when they have to come back at the end of a game. It turns my stomach… so when they frickin ended all that (those four attempts had me gnawing my hands) with a pick…. I can’t tell you how happy that made me. Now i’ve got the feed of the Minnesota game and they’re WINNNNNNNING this!! Happy happy day!

      • So far so good…low scoring. Now I have to really cheer for Cincinnati.If they win tonight it knocks New England to the #3 seed overall.That would be sweet.
        Go Bengals!!!

      • Oh well 3 outta 4 ain’t too shabby. Better lucj next week as the season winds down . Time to root for the Bengals tonight and tomorrow the Lions.

  4. If I may channell my spiritual guru for a moment, jazz brunch at Commander’s Palace where my wife described my three courses (appetizer – pork belly apple pie, entree – spiced sweet potato pancakes w/ a side of bacon, dessert – creole bread pudding souffle, finished table side with a whiskey cream sauce) as three desserts two of which included bacon! Can’t forget the three bourbon milk punches I had to go along with the meal! I hope Delta doesnt charge me extra for the seatbelt extender I’m going to need on the ride home.

    All praise be to Yim!

    • Can’t go wrong with Commander’s Palace.Your choices were superb.
      Safe journey home and grab a few beignets for the road 🙂

      Go Bengals!!!

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