The Podcast Calls for Snow, Bobby V and Mad Dog Ranting

Meet_The_Matts CartoonNEW YORK, NY – We’ve had it! It’s high-time there was an alternate sports voice for those of you like us that are sick of the usual Sports Talk Radio bunk tile… And here’s our first of 2014, with Bobby V and Mad Dog as our guests… And rest assured, they’ll be regulars.

Both find “getting labeled” unsettling – to say the least – and also offer their two cents on a certain MLB player still simmering on the Free Agent Hot Stove; one who happens to have the dark cloud of PEDs hovering over his head.

This is new techno territory for our MTM IT Department, so please bear with us… If you know anything about these things and can offer us help, we’d be much obliged. Right now, we’ve gotten the making of it and posting it here down – but that’s about it. You can also find it on our new Podcasts Page by clicking this.

We’re working to make this all seamless but again, please be patient… Soon you’ll have the likes of Angry Ward, Different Matt, Fake Sandy Alderson, Cookie and Junoir Blaber fulfilling your aural desires!

At any rate, we’ll target one a week – on Thursdays – and hope to hear your feedback. Please feel free to comment below and please feel free to download and share.

Here it is:

Meet_The_MattsThanks and Happy New Year.

Tune in tomorrow to our the Master Baker that brought us great cookies… Cookie.

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