When Fans Unite, Boston Is Stronger!

Babe Ruth TradedNEWARK, NJ – Let’s face it. New York and Boston have a very tenuous relationship when sports are involved . Those Chowda Heads remind me of the Brits who still feel some false sense of superiority over those of us from the New York area. Who won that war, eh?

This thing started with Harry Frazee selling The Babe to the Yanks in order to finance No, No, Nanette. Oh, well. Team sucked worse than the play…. FOR DECADES!

But it’s not just baseball; the feelings run deep whether we are talking about two of the Original Six hockey teams, Bruins and Rangers… or the Giants spoiling metro sexual T-Brady and his Patriots’ dominance in the NFL… And let’s not forget the Celtics hanging banners while smirking at Knicks fans. So, Boston has held a slight edge lately. They are drunk on that chowda and remind us about it every chance they can. Eh.

FANatics  from all walks of life lose their composure when a rival fan even mentions their team affiliation. I remember a Yankee fan friend bring hurled into some bushes outside a Boston pub after disclosing his affiliation. It’s passionate.

original 6A BIG Exception is when someone from the outside, like those two low-life  ass-clown terrorists from the frozen tundra, mess with either side. Those slugs traded a better life in a free nation for a calling of total evil by cowardly targeting innocent US citizens. Those explosions, however, woke up the true fabric of fandom. The mutual respect of a cause. The fan banners throughout America all flew at half mast and rivals, such as Boston and New York became one united front of support for each other and formed a more powerful team against all things evil.

ruthredsoxcolorizedpicApril 21st will show just how strong Boston Strong is, with one of the largest turnouts in the history of this event. A symbolic nose-thumbing to anyone ignorant to believe that we can be intimidated or alter our lives because these pussies hate theirs.

Guess what? We are ALL Boston Strong, just like we were ALL New York Strong or Oklahoma Strong.

We will put our sports differences aside on these occasions because we are civilized. We have the rest of the year to beat on each other. We have earned that right. You outsiders who envy us, have not. Get it?

Tune in tomorrow for the day-late Meet The Matts Radio Podcast, featuring Wally Backman calling in and Different Matt, if the Rangers don’t kill him tonight.

A knocked-out Ruth got up.
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