Blaber’s Blabberings: Yaisel Puig, Ike Davis and Smush Parker Punches a Teenager

“I think that Ike would be the first one to tell you that things didn’t quite pan out the way that a lot of us thought they would here, as far as the production. But through thick and thin, Ike’s been one of the best teammates I’ve ever had.” David Wright on now former teammate Ike Davis.

puigEL BARIO, BRONX – This week the news found yours truly, your humble Sports Deacon Blaber. The topics just screamed from the headlines or were surreptitiously referred to me in a Good Friday dream. So what made it to my Bully Pulpit this week, you ask? That’s an easy one; the amazing story and circumstances of Yaisel Puig, the #Mets trade of Ike Davis and the pugilistic actions of Smush Parker. Three unique stories – but all of them incredibly intriguing!

Yaisel Puig: Fellow staff member DJ Eberle alerted me via Twitter of the engrossing ESPN article “No one walks of the Island.”  The article details the incredible journey of the enigmatic Puig from Cuba to the LA Dodgers. It shows how the smuggling of big-time Cuban ball players has become big business. From this story, you have characters featuring smugglers, drug lords, midnight kidnappings, unethical agents, ethical attorneys and the whole corrupt system. It discusses how sometimes Cuban baseball players to keep the government of their tail turn in anyone that mentions defecting in their presence. This allows them to play their departure later. From there you have what baseball regards as an open secret which is that no one in MLB cares how these Cuban players become available or enter the US as long as they do and can be signed. It is a worthwhile read to understand how the cold war has created an ridiculous situation and a scary black market.

Tweet the Mets!
Tweet the Mets!

Ike Davis: As I logged on last night, I noticed the Davis trade. I am not sure what to make of it. The kid was a born and bred Met, having been in the system since 2008. So it was tough to see him go, especially since my MTM Radio colleagues were all over him and even got Wally Backman to back their claim that this was the best move going forward for the Metsies. The move means Lucas Duda (1 year older than Davis) is now the Mets choice at 1B. But the hard thing to replace is the positive energy in the locker room that Davis brought. The guy that kept the team unified will have to be replaced. We will see what happens with a pressure-free Ike and a the two players Sandy Alderson got back. History will determine if the Pirates fleeced him.

Smush Parker: In the most bizarre news of the weekend, Parker punched the sophomore son of a network reality television big-shot during a pick-up basketball game. It was not just a case of the veteran point guard being unable to beat a kid; it the the fisticuffs afterward that shocked everyone.  From what was said, the kid still has a bright future and Smush Parker is still Smush Parker.

That is it for now, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for the one and only Cheesy Bruin – who might be a tad melancholy because of his Bruins.

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