Blaber’s Blabbering: NHL Playoffs, NBA Playoffs, World Cup Posters and The USA Mascot

“You have to remember that Original Six trumps everything” Steve Lepore of Awful Announcing

EL BARIO, BRONX – There was a thought that after last week, I would be happier. However, yours truly, the good Deacon Blaber has a whole week’s worth of new battles to fight and points to prove. My sports bully pulpit will pick-up where it left off last time with me talking about the  NHL playoffs, the NBA Playoffs, The World Cup and the mascot for USA national sports teams.

NHL Playoffs: According to the nerds that work in ratings, this is the highest rated NHL Playoffs in years. Apparently the second round was the most watch round of NHL  Hockey since 1994 when ratings tracking began. So when I said last week that these playoff rounds were the most intense, exciting and flat-out best I had seen in years…I was right on the mark. With New York and Montreal at 2-1 and Los Angeles and Chicago at 1-1, there are no certainties. Except excitement if you want to be funny. So I took at look at the possible finals match-ups and factored in what would make for the best viewing.

NY v CHI – America’s 1st and 3rd cities, media giants and original six, this looks like a ratings dream.
NY v LA – America’s 1st and 2ndd cities, media giants and but not quite a hockey town in LA but defending champs, to add spice.
MTL v CHI – America and Canada’s 3rd cities, hockey cities and original six, Not a bad match-up.
MTL v LA – Americas 2nd and Canada’s 3rd city. Defending champs versus a big hockey city is interesting but not really traditional rivalry.

Beyond my blind loyalty to the The NY Rangers it looks a finals featuring them and Chicago will drawn in the highest ratings.

united-states-Yanks NBA Playoffs – To my great shame as a black kid raised in NYC, I have no idea what is going on in the NBA playoffs. I had no idea that the Clippers had been eliminated, if not for the moving scoreline on the bottom of the TV. My problem is that these playoffs feel like they take forever. The NBA season starts in late September and ends in early June. That gives people 2 and half months to recover before all the talk starts again. The NHL at least waits til October and if not for the Olympics would be done already. Meanwhile, baseball’s April til November is far too long. The NFL has it right with 4-5 months and that is it. If you want to watch the draft that is on you, the rest of us will go back to our lives. To be honest, I am too distracted by the World Cup to care what is going on in the NBA.

World Cup – Speaking of the World Cup, last week, I brought you the bus slogans. This week, I bring you pictures to go with those words. Apparently, ESPN hired Brazilian artist Cristiano Sigueira to make unique World Cup posters for all 32 teams in the tournament. Click HERE to check them out, if you want. The USA  one is above and to the right. I realized that no team that is a USA International team, has ever called itself the Yanks. The rest of the world refers to the USA as The Yanks but Americans never do.

The thing is the rugby team are the Eagles but no other Olympic or national team goes by the mascots name. A foreigner can be forgiven for calling the team something that might have. a negative affect at times. It is just a shame and a travesty. I mean England have “The 3 lions” and Mexico has El Tri but the USA has nothing. USA Yanks or Yankees just sounds lame and lacks an intimidating presence. I think all USA sports teams should just have a shield with George Washington riding on an Eagle and it saying ‘Muricka…F**k Yeah!!

That is it for now, Hope you enjoyed by article I hope to hear from you soon. Feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for the one and only Cheesy Bruin

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