College Football Musings, Steve Spurrier, Corporate Cash and Camouflage Uniforms

So did Spurrier
So did Spurrier!

UPSTATE NY – Today you get no introduction as what to expect in a column, no stream of consciousness, just what’s on my sports-related mind.

I’ve spent the past several days watching quite a bit of college football and the action on field has been entertaining. Who doesn’t love it when The Ol’ Ball Coach, Steve Spurrier, gets ass-dragged across the carpet the same way a dog does after a healthy one? That’s exactly what Texas A&M did to the less-than-game Cocks inside their own house in South Carolina, 52-28, giving up almost 700 total yards of offense.

Corporate sponsorship – normally reserved for post-season Bowl games – is nauseating at the onset of the new pigskin season. There was the frogging Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Classic held in the Georgia Dome when Mississippi played Boise State.

camouflage uniformsAnd on the brand-spanking-new SEC Network, we were reminded of the upcoming games on the schedule and the sponsors of each friggin’ game. If all SEC regular season games are sold to bidders, I’ll be done by the time the NFL starts… where I’ll then tire of the new rules and ensuing penalties just in time for NHL puck-drop in October… And while hitting these letters, I’ve been reminded that the BYU-UConn game is part of Dick’s Sporting Goods Kickoff Week because, “Every season starts with Dick’s!” Well, except in the NFL – where it starts with a suspension.

Is there a better college tradition than a buffalo named Ralphie running across the home field of the University of Colorado? I’m waiting for the animal to trample his holders someday. Now that would be a spectacle.  Does anybody remember when college football was played on Saturdays?  And when each quarter of play took less than an hour of regular time?

Jill-Arrington Meet_The_MattsDave Wannstedt is an in-studio expert on FoxSports and looks like Robert DeNiro with a moustache. Jill Arrington.  Wow!  She makes me want to pull my…sweet tooth.  I’ve missed summer all summer long.

If Wheaties is the “Breakfast of Champions“, what do the New York Mets eat?

Former “The U” coach Larry Coker is now leading the student-athletes at the University of Texas-San Antonio called the Roadrunners. From what I saw, they should be called the Roadkill.

Ragin' Cajun
Ragin’ Cajun

Some kid on the USC football team jumped from a balcony and broke both his ankles – after saying he did so in order to save a drowning young relative. It appears that criminality was involved, whereas my first thought was the interruption was of some afternoon delight with O.P.P. Guess I was wrong.

While our servicemen and women are fighting abroad, outside of the service academies, there should be no athletic camouflage uniforms worn on any field across this country.  The latest and ugliest is the University of Louisiana-Monroe football team.  Why don’t the toothless, backyard people of the bayou oppose the derogatory nickname Ragin’ Cajuns of the University of Louisiana-Lafayette?  They must be purifying H2O like Bobby Boucher in The Waterboy.

That’s it, please feel free to vent below and come to CitiField and join me and some other MTM Staff members, as we drink all of the above away!

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