NFL QB Busts, Robert Griffin III, Floyd Mayweather

you won't even remember me in ten years
NFL QB Busts: You won’t remember me in ten years.

RESERVATION, DC-  Robert Griffin III  will be remembered as a great college quarterback . He will also be memorialized on countless lists of NFL first round busts. Now please do not surmise that this contribution is an attack on RG3. I, like most fans of teams that are floundering worse than a fisherman with no boat, coveted such a talent in the draft. My team, the CowJokes of Big D, chose to draft the dumbest athlete ( as documented by the Wonderlic test) of all time, Mo Claiborne. 

Don’t cry  Washington Redskins Nation.  Despite the apparent season ending injury to your franchise QB, every cloud has a silver lining – and you have uncovered Kirk Cousins!

I was a sure thing
I was a sure thing.

Admittedly, I must tip my hat to whomever decided to draft this Spartan of Michigan State in the same draft as RG Tres. Are we  witnessing the second coming of Tommy Brady?  There is a very good chance that as the season plays out, we will see just that. After all,  as the Redskins medical staff worked on their wounded investment, Cousins was throwing a TD pass en-route to declawing the Jaguars 41-10. Cruelty to animals, for sure!

NFL QB Busts: RG3 and his rookie contract – worth around 21 million for four years – will most likely join a long list of “can’t miss” arms with Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, Akili Smith, Andre Ware  and Washington’s favorite bust – former Congressman Heath Shuler.  There are certainly many others that we can talk about, but I only have about four hundred words. 

My bold prediction is that the other Gruden – Jay – rides this horse and wins the  NFC LEAST. Chime in with your thoughts.

keep sending those benjamins
Keep sending those Benjamins.

Changing things up... Nothing spells P-U-N-K better than Floyd Money Mayweather.  Not only is he beating down the parade of not ready for prime time players, he is robbing those idiots who fall for the hype leading to each $64.99 pay per view fight that he cashes in on.  Hey, we live in a free market capitalistic country and  NOBODY barks up interest better than this guy.  Have we ever witnessed a more self-indulged a-hole?  Now he is yapping (finally) that he would consider fighting Manny Pacquiao, as long as the fight was on  Pay Per View and promoted by Money Mayweather Promotions?  PLEASE. By the time we see these two fight, we might as well opt for basic cable and watch Grudge Match with Stallone and De Niro.  Better yet, go to any corner tavern on a Friday and witness a couple of aging Rugby players getting toasted and beating each other up over who is gonna win the Rugby World Cup.

Angry Ward is up tomorrow with an update on the Vikings new Dean of Discipline.

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