NFL Tailgating Grills, NFL Player Grillz, Grilling Ray McDonald

imageRUTHERFORD, NJ – Tailgating is not merely a pre-game pastime. For tthose who start preparations for the event days in advance, pure passion would more accurately describe these game day rituals.

Talk with any connoisseur of the pavement and you’ll be sure to become engaged in some very enthralling conversation From breakfast menus to full-blown Italian cuisine with pasta and generational Sunday Sauces, there are some serious chefs at work.

imageFrom pickup truck set-ups lugging the home Weber charcoal grill to tricked out motor-homes and toy hauler trailers,  food wars are erupting outside the stadiums!  If you want to grill with the BIG BOYS, you    have to be prepared to throw down some Benjamins and show em whose is bigger… Tailgating machine, that is.  

Like every other facet of life, there are those special individuals that just have to out-do the rest of the crowd – and tailgating is no different. What kind of grill do you roll with? What’s your favorite pre-game meal?

 And what about those special Grillz worn on game day? That’s right… worn.

Chad Ocho Irrelevant may be the first to come to mind when we think about the best Grillz, but his mouth – and game/act – now happen on a field somewhere near the North Pole… CJ2K (Chris Johnson), the newest member on the team known for mouthy predictions, brings his multi-million dollar legs and Grillz to Met Life Stadium. Can he spit some of that gold out onto the turf and bring it in the form of rings? Doubtful. marshawn lynch grill Meet_The_Matts

My winning grill goes to the ultimate model forged of gold and other previous metals… Beast Mode. Marshawn Lynch.

Say what you will but these grillz are here to stay.

Now to an historic event taking shape in San Francisco’s Bay Area.  Like the earthquake that has created a crisis in Napa – and will surely cause a rise in the cost of  California wines – we are about to witness the NFL’s handling of the first idiot hit with the Ray Rice-inspired domestic violence suspension: Ray McDonald. Ol’ McDonald will likely be sitting six games, putting the 49ers deeper in trouble, as they play in the toughest division in football.  Who’s got it better than Us? will soon be replaced with “Who’s signs em dumber than Us?

Come back tomorrow as Angry Ward returns to add some meat this party.

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