NFL Nonsense, Ralph Wilson, Geno Smith with Flavor Flav, NHL Blasts

Geno_Smith Flavor Flav watch Meet_The_MattsI was not properly prepared by the staff to play in that game“- Michael Vick

EL BARIO, BRONX – Your Righteous Deacon Blaber has had a very busy week. So busy, that if it wasn’t for highlights at the gym, overhearing conversations,  and this wonderful site, we’d have nothing to discuss. But thankfully, we do. Give me an Amen…  Now let’s get to the topic for today’s Sports  Bully Pulpit: The latest NFL Nonsense, Ralph Wilson, Geno “Timezone” Smith and the start of the NHL season.

NFL Nonsense:  The NFL’s hypocrite Commissioner Roger Goodell was in the news again this week. He spent over 5 hours meeting with the fellow owners during fall meetings. The NFL owners and Goodell also met with experts in domestic violence – to help slap into shape the leagues policies. [sarcasm] Apparently, when you surrounded yourself with experts, you avoid knee-jerk reactions and insensible decision. [/sarcasm] I could have sworn I have said that, but as a Sports Deacon, that’d be inappropriate. Anyway, the new league policy is not due out for a few more months but according to leaks, one of the changes will be indefinite suspension – pending intense therapy – over permanent suspensions, as victims are less likely to come forward if it means ruining a career/slash derailing the money train. But damn it, these points have been made in the comments on this site… and by me.

Geno “Timezone” Smith: The Jets have come up with new reasons why they suck. According to reports, Geno Smith missed a team meeting in San Diego because his watch was still set to NY time and he was at the movies. Flavor Flav rushed to the tardy signal-caller’s aide… Meanhwhile, Mike Vick, the back-up/starting/who knows QB, says the coaching staff didn’t properly prepare him to be used in the San Diego game. Come on Mike! You have a head coach who loves defense so much he has no idea where the offensive coordinator’s office is and chose a guy who can’t tell time, ahead of you! You should have prepared yourself since you have been in the league so long…

In Non-Jet, NFL Nonsense News,  Adrian “All Day” Peterson smoked a little weed before going to court… to help him calm down. I am sure there would less outrage if he had just had used a more addictive-yet-legal drug – like a stiff drink or prescription med.

But all is not bad…

Ralph Wilson
Ralph Wilson

Ralph Wilson – The sale of the Buffalo Bills this week was a bittersweet moment. Longtime owner Ralph Wilson passed away earlier this year and his family had no interest in continuing ownership. The good news is that of the 1.4 Billion, a huge chunk will go to Wilson’s foundation, which is focused on helping people in his hometown of Detroit and adopted hometown of Buffalo – two of America’s poorest cities. Ralph Wilson was an old school/never-in-front-of-the-cameras, quiet owner. He loved his team and his town(s). If the NFL started now, it is unlikely that struggling cities like Detroit, Buffalo or Cleveland would land a franchise because guys like Ralph are fewer and more far between than ever… When fans in depressed cities spend their last available crumbs to support their teams, a little bit of loyalty should be shown. Those teams are the city’s and fans’ only chance to briefly be considered great. Ralph Wilson got that. I wish more owners were like him.

NHL – Opening night was Thursday and the Rangers got a dubya and Rick Nash even scored! Twice! It’s a long season ahead and anything can happen but form and team unity will make a difference. The Rangers will be fun to watch in every game. They may not win the President’s Trophy for best record but they will at least be in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Cheesy Bruin, with the best/worst NFL Picks on the Planet, tomorrow.

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And as always, stay low and keep pumping those legs.

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