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Seahawks pregame
It's my own damn fault
It’s my own damn fault

TULSA, OK – Maybe it comes from being a lifelong pal of Angry Ward but the sourness of which I continue to talk about the play of the Jets and, to a lesser degree, the Giants, just seems to get worse with every passing week of poor performance. A self-imposed mandate to pick the football locals against the spread here (3-1 last week) is my own damn fault – as Jimmy Buffett would sing. If you want my top picks The Gamblers Source is still at 60% after a rough week. Without further ado, or adieu since we’re talking Jets and Giants as they’ll be waving bye-bye to the NFL Playoffs in the next week or two, here are today’s selections.

Shell shock
Shell shock

Pittsburgh Steelers -3.5 (47) over NEW YORK JETS
The point-spread of this game would have a gambler believe the Jets were playing the Pittsburgh Pirates. Three and a half points? 3.5? Fully understanding the Jets are the home team, but when did their home field brilliance prove to be such a bias with the Las Vegas odds-makers… and against a Steelers team on a bigger offensive than the USA air assault during Desert Storm? Before lap-band surgery, Dessert Storm is what Fat Rex Ryan used to suffer but now it’s shell shock as a result of his secondary regularly allowing the pigskin to scud across the autumn sky. In comes Ben Roethlisberger after two Arena Football League-like performances that have seen the Steelers score 124 points in the last three games… to help hide the team’s own defensive warts (27 PPG) during the same span. The audience will know whether this game is fixed if the game is an under and the Jets cover the number as the probability of both happening is highly unlikely. The Jets are 1-7-1 against the spread this year and are on an eight-game losing streak straight up. Even employing coaches such as Lou Holtz, Rich Kotite and Bruce Coslet, the Jets franchise has never lost nine consecutive games. Well, there is a first time for everything.
Final score: Steelers 30, Jets 20
Picks: Steelers -3.5 and OVER 47

Seahawks pregame
Seahawks pregame

New York Giants +9 (44.5) over SEATTLE SEAHAWKS
There’s a saying in the NFL which rings true in this match-up, “It’s not who you play but when you play them.” While they are the New York varsity football team, the Giants are also slumping having lost three straight and travel to the Pacific Northwest where they will play in front of the most raucous NFL crowds in Seattle. The defending champion Seahawks are in somewhat of a slumber in their last four games–back-to-back losses against the Cowboys and Rams preceded lackluster wins versus Carolina and Oakland. Maybe this team misses a Percy Harvin punch in the face on game day to get their attention and rally the troops the same way the Giants sorely miss running back Rashad Jennings as Big Blew hasn’t won without him. Injuries happen but have hit the Gints at key spots on offense and when a team implements a new offense and key personnel is missing, it’s hard for a system to take root. The only play-maker for the Giants is Odell Beckham and you’ll need much more than that to beat the Seahawks today. Russell Wilson will keep the Giants on their heels all day and then Marshawn Lynch will run over them and make things easier for the passing game. I smell a helluva beating in this game as the former champs look to flex their muscle in the second half of this season.
Final Score: Seahawks 31, Giants 10
Pick: SEAHAWKS -9 and UNDER 44.5

Comeback tomorrow for a man that’s never worn a thong, DJ Eberle.

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