Giant Mess: Tom Coughlin and his NJ Transit Train Wreck

Dammit GUMP!
Dammit GUMP!
Sleepless in Seattle: “Dammit, Gump!”

SEATTLE, WA  – It’s one Giant Mess and Tom Coughlin’s mug has turned fire-engine red.  His head was about to explode as Big Blew’s defense allowed 350 yards rushing. Meanwhile, further down the sideline, Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell had a smirk on his mug. What is going on with the New Jersey Football GiantsAs a neutral party looking at the Jints, here are some observances re this NJ Transit Train Wreck:

Defense: Fewell’s  Fools lead the league in the dubious yards per play against at 6.4, which to even the most mathematically-challenged spells trouble when you only need 10 yards to obtain those first downs! Solution? Drain the bad gas from the tank and send Fewell down the road, smirk and all. Rod  Marinelli has turned the Dallas Cowboys doormat defense into a group of no-name overachievers, so it can be done.

bring back Tyree!
Bring back Tyree!

Offense: Eli Gump Manning looked exasperated after the jump ball that he served up. Odell Beckham Jr. was not at fault trying to make a play, yet somehow Eli was hoping for another Tyree Helmet Catch! The Giants offensive stats are ALL mediocre, middle of the pack numbers that when combined with the defense, adds up to the struggle for relevance.

Tom Coughlin is not at fault. He has simply lost touch with this current squad of quitters. Is the blame on injuries? Look around the league and you’ll see that every team deals with that.

In business there is an expression that I love called the Empty Suit. This team is full of these. Ownership must purge it and fill those jerseys with willing participants who actually want to play in this league.

Conclusion?  For now, the Giants need a signature win against the 49ers, who are ripe for such an upset. To be continued… Chime in with your solutions for BIG BLEW.

Pat Tillman
Pat Tillman

Come back tomorrow for the Angry One and his rage against… well you have to tune in!

P.s… Today we honor our Veterans.  I get the whole camouflage thing by the NFL to show  support for our bravest.  However, I cringe when I hear the comparison of sport to war. Nobody is at war on the field. Nor should we say “I would go to war with him,” referring to a game! 

We enjoy our freedom to write and debate sports due to the absolute heroism of our Armed Forces. God Bless our current, former and future Veterans! Thank You!

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