Dog Days for NFC Least ; Ryan Callahan Returns, Why Philly Sucks, NFL Predictions

I know you miss me....

UPTOPIA OF THE MIND – It would be too easy to rile up the Giants faithful  with yet another edition of the Tom Coughlin and Eli Gump Manning Priceless Facial Expression Show. When the target has too many bullseyes,  you move on. So today, my target is Philadelphia, Philly Fans, the Eagles, Flyers and anything really. I’ll also offer up some NFL Predictions and thoughts on the Return of Ryan Callahan. 

Eagles Fans: After a game and a half of pure  Sanchez Magic, they are realizing that you always get what you pay for! And while we have all come to enjoy the respective failures and pains of our rivals, nothing beats the Iggles and their delusional fans’ visions of Chip Kelly’s Grandiose unstoppable offense. This secret sauce/formula can be added to any roster and it will come out perfect EVERY TIME! Right?
We are getting mighty close to: “Well, Chuck Bednarek laid out Gifford” … Or “The Flyers are going to beat the Rangers arse this year!

I promise I won't date anymore high school girls!
I promise I won’t date any more high school girls!

You see, the NFC LEAST cannot get to the Super Bowl this year and that includes Chips Follies. The irony is that Aaron “Discount Double Check Rodgers buried the Birds with their own shovel. Before they could freeze their butts off, Killadelphia was down 30-6. AndAAAnd the Sanchize? Sanchez has SIX TURNOVERS as a starter, so those glimpses of “greatness” are mere illusion.

But hey, Cheese-steak Eaters, Pitchers and Catchers report to Phillies training camp real soon and by then the Flyers will be dominating the NHL!

Now for the rest of the NFL  and some Predictions:
1) The Arizona Cardinals are Legit. They are beating everyone that is put in front of them and their receiving corp is one of the best.
2) Seattle Seahawks have become very mediocre and have proven that the league and the salary cap wreak    havoc on Championship rosters. 
3) Peyton Manning is HUMAN?  Well, it appears so.  His arch nemesis Tommy Brady continues on another division title run and Doctor Evil’s Patriots are the apparent favorite in the AFC.
4) Green Bay will win the NFC… As long as Rodgers stays healthy.
5) The NFC East winner will be a one and done playoff Squad.
6) St. Louis will surprise another team when they can ill afford it and will NOT miss Sam “I AM [Injured] Bradford.
7) Jay Cutler will continue to be hated by all.
8) Romo will be… well, Romo.
9) Goodell will continue to avoid equal justice.
10) There will more boneheaded off the field shenanigans !

I know you miss me....
Ryan Callahan: I know you miss me.

In NHL news, the Rangers graciously welcomed  Ryan Callahan back to MSG by watching him put two past Henrik en route to a Lightning strike of 5-1.  You just can’t trade your Captain and not expect payback!

Come back tomorrow for venomous fun with Angry Ward.

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