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Black America Expert Analyst: Charles Barkley
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Never talk about politics. You never know who you will alienate – Old Sports Journalism advice

EL BARRIO, BRONX – Your Deacon Blaber is going to commit editorial suicide today and write about…¬† Race and Politics and Sports. However, it is a miracle if you are even reading this right now because this article was submitted to the MTM Editorial Staff for approval. Anyway, unless you have been hiding under a rock, it is pretty easy to understand the events in the news that drove me to this decision. There is racism and racial bias embedded within the current structure of American life. No one wants to talk about because it involves uncomfortable questions and even more awkward answers. Besides if people can listen to what that blow-hard Charles Barkley says, why not me?

The socio-economic aspect makes it seem like a class war but it also includes race. ¬†Think about how many sports stars are from poor upbringings all over the world. The best athletes in most of the world play soccer because it can give them a profession and a way to make money for their whole family. School can do that too, but the demands of school are tougher and less fun. Look at the USA and the three leagues that have high minority representation. They are filled with players from poor upbringings. Is it a wonder to anyone? What race are these kids and why are they poor is not something that people want to talk about. I call the NCAA a pro sports a plantation system because it enslaves these kids for their ability, and won’t pay them – but pays the coaches loads of money.

Black America Expert Analyst: Charles Barkley
Black America Analyst: Charles Barkley

Football is especially bad, as it has less than 10 black head coaches in D1 – but tens of thousands of black players. It is a societal issue. Slavery ended over 150 years ago but it’s been only only 70 years since we integrated baseball and it wasn’t until the mid 1960s that Black America finally received the opportunities that previous European immigrants did.

Here’s a quiz for you:
1) Why wasn’t Larry Bird asked his thoughts on Ferguson – but people are quoting Charles Barkley?
2) Ben Rothelisberger sexually assaulted women – but Mike Vick is still hated for his cruel treatment of non-humans. Why?
jasonwilliams3) Why are white basketball players entering the NBA draft compared to other whites? Jason Williams had more Gary Payton in him than John Stockton.
4) NFL Quarterbacks! The mountaintop was finally achieved for blacks – but why did it take so long?

Please tweet Sir Charles for the answers.

There is a glitch in the matrix and the better we recognize it, admit it and for once in this country’s history, have a frank and open discussion about how we got here. Then and only then can we live up to the dreams we have for ourselves. Right now? We have lost the moral high ground in our dealings with China and Russia and just about every other country we preach to about how great America is.

Finally, there are guys drafted and playing pro sports that make you wonder how they got this far. They say being a pro athlete doesn’t make someone a role model, well I have news for you: There are incompetent people in all walks of life, in your job, in my job, everywhere. Just because they put on a uniform doesn’t give them some superhuman ability. They passed the interview, tests and drills needed to show that they can be a pro. However, when the lights come on and they are supposed to use that ability – they don’t. They are not fit to do what they are paid to do. This is what happens with cops, too. Sometimes they are just incompetent people being given too much responsibility.

That’s it for now. Comeback tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin and see if I am still a card-carrying member of the MTM Staff.

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