Chris Christie Rides ‘dem Cowboys onto the Green Bay Frozen Tundra

Chris Christie and Jerry JonesCAMP CHRISTIE,  TX –  “Let It Go, Let It Go…”  It’s time to chill out and let the Cowboys and ALL their fans enjoy their improbable run at the Lombardi Trophy… Odds? well let’s just say that not many are betting the ranch on Tony & The Romos, who will be riding – no skating – into the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field on Sunday. 

There is NO denying the attacks bestowed upon those of us born in New York and New Jersey who chose to become fans of out-of-town teams. Our numbers are large however, and our resolve is stronger than the forces who try to pull us from our loyalty into the atmosphere with a force field akin to a Sci-Fi flick where everyone must follow a scripted life!
Such is the plight of our fellow Cowboys fan BIG Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey and aspiring Presidential Candidate, who by the way is now part of the OFFICIAL Jerry Jones POSSE!
Yours truly and fellow MTM contributor Cheesy Bruin have allies.  Many famous people are stepping forward proudly, to celebrate the Cowboys as they became the ALLTIME leader in playoff wins at 34.  Now, to be fair, I must acknowledge,  all you Vikings fans, as your team still holds the ALLTIME LOSS record with 27 dingers.

Back to our famous fans. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Lebron James, Chris Paul, Eva Longoria, Hulk Hogan, James Caan, Jenna Fischer, Allen (practice?) Iverson, Grant Hill, Eminem among many more NOT from BIG D are HUGE Cowboy fans.

Cowboys Center Travis Frederick
Cowboys Center Travis Frederick

Go ahead and jump on the conspiracy theory wagon and accuse the much-maligned (for good reason) Roger Goodell of fixing the game. After all, America’s Team has always been given those tough calls, right? That is why they only have 1, now 2 playoff wins in nearly two decades!


Back to everyone’s favorite Big Guy. Governor Orange Sweater, is on the MTM team when it comes to his favorite baseball team, the New York Mets and hockey’s New York RangersHis Cowboy roots go back to childhood when he, as millions of other youths, gravitated towards the Roger Staubach Cowboys, while Tri-staters had Joe Namath of the Jets and one Fran Tarkenton of the Giants. We all know what happened from there….so lets get behind the NFC East Champs and “Let it Go” already!

In other news, JR Smith and Iman Shumpert were banished from the Triangle of Trust and sent to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Alex Kirk, Lance Thomas and Lou Amundson who? Hey, they are saving payroll!


Ndamukong Suh goes BOO HOO after the loss to Dallas. I know emotion can come out in any of us, but it is hard to hold back the laughter when a dirty ball player cries! Enjoy watching on TV, Suh!

Stuart Scott passed away Sunday after a long fight with cancer. I remember the first time I saw him on Sports Center. I thought to myself, “Who is this guy”?  Well, as time went on, he gained not only my respect but the respect of millions as he added a new dimension and life to the ever corny world of ESPN. His recent speech at the ESPY’s brought tears to my eyes and a lesson to live by. We only rent space in this world and when our lease is up, we want to go without losing that security deposit. Simply said, take every day as a blessing and live with NO regrets.  RIP and Boo Yah Stuart!

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