Blaber’s Blabberings: James Dolan, Cheat-triots, Patriot Fans, NFL, NBA All-Stars, V-Day

James Dolan
James Dolan

EL BARRIO, THE BRONX – This is not the day for a long-winded post. There’s Valentine’s Day stuff going on and every good husband/boyfriend is trying to avoid sleeping on the couch. With that said, the good Deacon Blaber will make it simple. You will hear my thoughts on Jim Dolan, the New England Patriots, their fans, the NBA All-Star game and Valentine’s Day.

Jim Dolan: If you haven’t realized by now, Jim Dolan is a d*ck. His behavior is what you would expect from a guy that is not a self-made millionaire. Pompous, arrogant and unable to fathom that he could ever be wrong. His letter to a disheartened Knicks fan shows you all you need to know about a guy that puts the a$$ in “Lack of class.”

New England Pats & Fans: I meant to write this last week but got too drunk at O’Brien’s watching ol’ England play rugby. The fact the Tom Brady is talked about with great QBs is a joke. Brady and Belichick won 3 trophies before Spy-Gate and 1 after Spy-Gate with Deflate-Gate.

The team is good and Belichick is a good coach; they shouldn’t need to cheat. If you believe that is not cheating, then there must be a huge gap between a winning and losing in the NFL. I don’t believe there is because I am a Jets fan. Or was one. I witnessed them lose at least six games because of 1-3 plays that went wrong. At that high a level even the slightest illegal edge makes a difference.

Malcolm Butler, Ricardo LocketteFurthermore, in discussions with fellow sports fans I realized that Pats fans can’t justify it. “Haters gonna hate,” is their response  – which doesn’t answer the question as to how can you support a team that openly cheated. They don’t have an answer and are fine with cheating as long as they win. Calling a hater because you dislike unrepentant cheaters is not a smart comeback. It is the response of a desperate fool with no proper argument.

I also want to announce I am done with NFL football. I have nothing but disdain for it. I will no longer watch games or movies about it. It is not that I am on some moral high horse but this season just broke my back. The Moral bereftness of the league was too much to take.

NBA All-Star Game: It is so funny that during such a horrible season for the NYC teams, NYC gets the ASG. Enjoy it my fellow New Yorkers, it is the closest you will get to seeing Championship talent play.

Valentine’s Day: Absolute ripoff. Birthdays and Anniversaries are one thing but this nonsense. It is a made up day to swindle men.

That is all. Thanks for listening and check in with Cheesy Bruin, who will have the mic, tomorrow.

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