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Miss Buffalo

buffBuffalo, NY – That is right I am in the B-U-Double F All Oh!! And it is nearly 3 am. Why is it so late that I am typing this article and from the Queen City no less. Well that is because I get married 20 days and I still have things to wrap up here. As such I have been so busy buying stuff that I will only use once that I only recently found time to write. So with such little time let me find some things to talk about that haven’t been talked about yet.

1) Bolt v Gatlin: This is the latest version of good and evil in sports. In the Track and Field World Championships this week, Usain Bolt went against Justin Gatlin in the 100 and 200 meter finals. Bolt won both times and crushed Gatlin in the 200 meter final, see below. Bolt is the charismatic champion that seems to be clean. Gatlin has been busted twice, unrepentant (I did my time, it was some massuese that used a cream I didn’t know off) cheat. If you like track and field like I do, this was a good week for the good guys.

2) Soccer: My two soccer teams are looking good going into the weekend. Manchester United won 4-0 over Club Brugge from Belgium. This puts United in the European Champions League proper and in pool play to begin a legitimate attempt to be classified as the best team in Europe. Not sure if they are quite there yet but will be glad to enjoy the ride. Red Bull NY in the USA’s MLS had their first lost out of 7 games on Wednesday but still sit in second place in the Eastern Conference. The have a about 3 games in hand and go into Sunday in a big rivalry game against conference leaders and rivals DC United. It should be a great match and I am excited to watch.

3) 1B4ID: If your wondering what in the world that means, don’t feel bad, I did too a few hours ago. It means “One before I die.” It is the popular T-shirt here in Buffalo for Sabres and Bills fans. They are desperate for a title from either of those two teams. As NY Mets, Jets, Knicks and Rangers fans, I have seen two fo the four win it. You think one before you die is great but if you live long enough, it will start become one MORE before I die. I hope see the Jets and the Knicks win it before I die, but loads of New Yorkers have not been that fortunate, so who knows if I will be.

That is it for today, comeback tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin.

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