Geno Smith as Jets Leader? Teammates: Not So Fast

Geno Before and After
Summer Sports Reporting!
Summer Sports Reporting

EL BARIO, LA BRONX – I am back once again. This week feels like the longest week ever. I am tired and drained but will dig deep and scrap together a piece. I will discuss the things that jumped out to me about the Geno Smith incident and nothing.

Nothing: With apologies to Jerry Seinfeld and Russell Dalrymple, I want to talk about nothing because there is an incredible amount of it this week. I googled sports stories for the week and there was literally nothing that I found worthwhile to bring you beyond Geno Smith. I looked up Soccer, Baseball, Hockey (Patrick Kane’s possible sexual assault charge was too hard to make funny) and Basketball (the Knicks might have some actual NBA caliber players this year), just to come up empty handed. I swear there needs to be more summertime sports. Not all of us can go on vacation like Ward.

The Geno Smith Incident: Where do we begin with this episode!! It is the craziest story of the summer. Let me just make a few points that are hard to overlook.

Everybody Loves Raymond, but Nobody likes Geno: We’ve all seen teammates shove and grapple during a heated practice-particularly during the August heat. However, for teammates to sit and choose not to get involved-and not for their QB? Something is amiss. But that is exactly what Geno’s Jets teammates opted to do. They watched one teammate-a special teamer, slug another-the team’s nominal #1 QB in the face and do nothing as the situation grew heated? Geno must not be liked or respected as a team leader. One of the O-Lineman had to step in.

Geno Before and After
n                                        Geno Before and After

Money changes things: Why didn’t anyone stop it?   Geno was playing with another man’s money. IK Enemkpali bought Geno a plane ticket to an event but Geno couldn’t make it. Geno wouldn’t give him the money back. You don’t mess with a man’s food, woman or money.

God don’t like ugly: Refusing to pay the guy and then acting like you are too good to pay him back. Geno then taunted the guy saying there ain’t nothing you can do about it.

Rex Ryan Innocent: No this was not some complex payback by Rex Ryan. Yes, he picked up Enemkpali from waivers after the Jets cut him. However, lets remember Rex also drafted Enemkpali last year. Besides by saddling the Jets with Geno, Rex already got his revenge.

Same as Always for Jets: Losing your first string quarterback is normally horrific for an NFL franchise. However this is not an NFL franchise, it’s the New York Jets. They didn’t have a quality QB when it was Geno and Ryan Fitzpatrick is not a quality back-up, though he can be a pretty good game manager. Come to think of it, it may be an upgrade.

Hating this time of year! Hope you are too!

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