The Short Matts, NFL Kickoff Weekend and NY Mets

Save The Date2BSHUFFLING OFF TO BUFFALO, NY: Late night post again. It is officially September 12 and at some point today, there will be a Mr. and Mrs. Short Matt.¬† In addition to all this, it is NFL weekend and the NY Mets are closing in on securing a playoff place. Those 3 things will be the focus of today’s piece.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Short Matt – Yes, it seems that the day has finally come and Shorty Matt is finally getting married. Unfortunately, I can not be there, the whole train to a car to a boat thing is too much. No in all seriousness, I will be in Buffalo getting ready for mine, next week. We await the first joint article from the new couple.

Tom BradyNFL Kickoff Weekend – So the first game of the season is in the books. Those dastardly New England Patriots won. It appears Pittsburgh had headset trouble which the Pats didn’t suffer. Also apparently the judge that threw out the Tom Brady case and told Roger Goodell to go back to the drawing was at a Labor Day weekend party at the same time as Pats Owner Bob Kraft. The Patriots are just that team with a serious of coincidences that never seem to stick.

After reading all about how the NFL let the Pats get away with the illegal spying in a fast decision and destroyed evidence, I have had it with the league. I know no league is above corruption but I am waiting for them to taken down. Reading it and you just get sick of it. People wills say every team cheats and the Pats would have won most of those games anyway. I know that they are partially right. There is a line and the Pats are allowed to cross it. I would lose in a fist fight with Tyson but doesn’t mean if he threw¬† dirt in my eye, I don’t have a right to complain. You combine this with the treatment of Mike Sam, rapist and abusers and you are just like, this league has no soul.


New York Mets – I have been hearing fans talking about the Mets this week. One old guy lamented at how these yound kids don’t remember what it was like to support the Mets in ’85 and ’86 as they made the run that gripped the city. Which was cute but my favorite was that he called one Met pitcher, Humpty Dumpty. I will let you guess which pitcher that is. People are thinking with these arms, this will last into next season and who we need to get rid off; hint is Gee and Niese. The excitement is nice and I can’t wait for the big show

I would say Cheesy Bruin is up tomorrow but he may imbibe too much at wedding so no one maybe write. Don’t you love a good cliff hanger.

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