Joy or Agita: New York Mets, Jets, Knicks, Rangers and Red Bulls

EL BARRIO, LA BRONX – A couple of weeks back, I said things were going so well on the New York Sports scene that I was speechless. A lot can change in two weeks. My “Misery Index” is flashing “check engine,” as I grow more tense and nervous by the minute. So let’s check in on my five local teams and see which teams are making me smile and which are giving me big time agita.

Mets – As I write this, the Mets are closing out game 3.  Juan Uribe just drove in a huge run. The World Series’ first two losses for the Amazin’s were brutal-particularly game 1. However fierce those Kansas City Royals’ bats are, I think the Met arms and some timely hitting will see the Metropolitans through!

Agita Score: 8 (1-10 scale)

Jets – Well, the Jetsies are 4-2. They played well but lost to the Cheatriots. They are lacking guys that make that play when it needs to be made but so far this is a good year one for Todd Bowles. I pray Ryan Fitzpatrick stays healthy though because Zero, I mean, Geno Smith fills me with zero confidence. The green and white have a chance at the playoffs this season.

The New, New York Jets
The New, New York Jets

Agita Score: 3

Knicks – It is only two games into the season, but the good news is that the Knicks are at .500 and Coach Derek Fisher seems to be successfully ducking Matt Barnes so far. The bad news is that the bench looks better than the starting line-up. That doesn’t surprise me when the starting line-up consists of the Lord of Greed Carmelo Anthony, skinny Dolf Lundgren lookin’ Kristaps Porzingis and the lesser of the Lopez brothers, Robin. Let’s see what Fisher aka The Vulture (for trying to screw Barnes’ wife) can do with this rag-tag group

Agita Score: 6

New York Rangers – Well, they have a good record. They won last night to go 7-4. They actually scored 3 goals. It has been a series of ugly wins which makes you worry and happy. You worry about the offense finally clicking but also thankful that this tested team knows how to grind out a win. It is early, but boy oh boy does Hank look sharp. And as the late, great Yogi Berra once said, “it gets late early around here.”

Agita Score: 4

 Trick or Treat!
Trick or Treat!

Red Bulls -Well, well, well. They won the Supporter’s Shield. In the club’s 20 year history, this is only the second trophy they have won. They won the same trophy two years ago.

I actually have to eat crow on this because they did a 180 this season going from the highest payroll to one of the lowest in the league. The Red Bulls rid themselves of big name stars, promoted from the academy and won. But, with the playoffs looming, my anxiety level is way up as they will face longtime foe DC United. If they win that they will face Montreal for the Eastern Conference title. Montreal is the 5 seed and they must beat Columbus but Montreal is scary right now. They are the team that goes into the playoffs fire poker hot whom no one wants to face.

red bulls

Agita Score-4

Things could be worse but let’s see how the Mets do in Game 4. Come back tomorrow for a guy who doesn’t give anyone acid reflux, Cheesy Bruin!!

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