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Even lockless deGrom is cool.

EL BARRIO, EL BRONX – Before we begin, I want to thank FSA for helping me make today’s post. I went partying with Chandler Jones last Sunday and only recovered yesterday. After being out of the loop for the week, I caught up on the sports week by reading all here on MTM and a select few sports pages. Based on that “research,” today’s talking “Persons of Interest” and/or column fodder are Chris Mortenson, Ben McAdoo, Chip Kelly, the 49ers and finally Jacob deGrom.

Chris Mortenson: If you are reading this it’s because you have the same “sports problem” that the rest of us have. As such, we all watch the sports channels… including ESPN. Unfortunately, I came across new that ESPN’s Chris Mortensen has been diagnosed with throat cancer. “Mort” as he is called, is a fan favorite because he is an average-looking guy that knows his stuff. Not an ex-player nor a some way-too-suave, pretty boy anchor. Get well Mort, kick this things ass!

Ben McAdoo: The MTM Staff has thoroughly covered the Giants tabbing Bob Ben McAdoo as Tom Coughlin’s replacement. I agree with their consensus: Ben McAdoo seems like a horrible hire. His offense was far from clutch; they couldn’t ice games when needed. He was hired because the Giants don’t want the offense to change too much for Eli Manning. That tells me they haven’t plan for the future and are beholden to Eli. – expect Eli to still be taking Giants snapsĀ  when is 39, like Peyton. But at least Peyton’s team has done some future planning.

Chip Kelly/49ers: It seems very clear to all that Chip Kelly has a solid shot at redemption with 49ers. The question is whether he has learned from his mistakes. Does he still believe he is the smartest guy in the room? Well, this time he won’t be doubling as a GM, like he was when the Eagles struggled. He will just be the coach, which is what he was his first two years in Philly.

young chip
Who am I? Jacob? Ben? Fake Sandy?

Another big difference is that he has a QB in San Fran. He didn’t in Philly. Colin Kapernick can throw and run and will be just as hungry to redeem himself after poor back to back seasons for him and the franchise.

Jacob deGrom: Everyone has a unique relationship with their dads. My dad was never the type to kick the ball around with me but he did love watching sports on TV. His favorites were boxing, track and soccer. I know Short Matt said he became a baseball junkie because of the fun trips back and forth to Little League with his dad. I bring this up because I read the most adorable story the other day. Mets ace Jacob deGrom is from Deland, Florida and has a home nearby, and with the Mets spring training in port St. Lucie, it makes sense. However, in a recent interview, de Grom said hestill plays catch with his dad all offseason. According to deGrom, he calls to make sure his dad gets home from work (he is a line man for AT&T), then drives over to chat, sometimes eat dinner, then throws the ball around with the old man. It is important that deGrom stretch the arm and get some reps in to keep the arm loose and strong for spring training during the off-season. What better way than to throw the ball around with Dad? (He doesn’t go all out but does put some spice on them from 60 ft away). I am not sure which of the Fireball Five (trademarked by moi) the Metsies will keep but this story makes me hope deGrom is one of them.

That’s it for now, please comment below and come back tomorrow for our NFL Clairvoyant – or maybe just our Clair – Cheesy Bruin.

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