Grinding Ax Chips In: March Madness Mayhem, Star Jay Wright, Coach K

Game Over! All is Jay Wright in the world!
Game Over! Jay Wright wins!

HOUSTON, TX – I know it’s over, that it happened Monday night, and that’s years ago for the Internet Age, but I love March Madness! Almost as much as the Stanley Cup Playoffs, in fact. There is nothing better than watching raw talent fight it out for that “One Shining Moment” on the big stage.

This years NCAA Men’s Tournament featured one of my  Top Three Finals…Alltime. The Villanova Wildcats were involved in two of these classics.  In 1985, the Rollie Massimino led Cats knocked off the expected winner Georgetown Hoyas starring Fan Favorite, Patrick Ewing. Ed Pinckney & Company played the flawless game that was needed to take the title.

imageThis years team combined intense defense and great shooting to knock off another Smug Program, The North Carolina Tar Heels. 

Nauseating enough were the pompous ACC brethren bloviating about having six teams in the Sweet Sixteen. Why should anyone believe that one of the lowly Not So Big East Teams belong and survive among such great powerhouse programs? 


Because the Big East is the most physical conference year after year.  Jay Wright, who has been tagged by many as a great recruiter but not a great coach, is one of the best in the past decade. When it comes to recruiting Four Year Players who actually graduate, nobody at this level does it better.

I'm a Liar!
I’m a Liar! Wait. Am I lying about lying?

Hey! How dare I have the audacity to compare this guy to the Yoda of coaching, Mike Krzyzewski?! Oh yeah, I’m going there. Over the last decade, Coach Mushmouth has sold out like the rest of the “Perennial Powers.” Duke rents a star on a yearly basis. This dates back years but since it’s  the Dashing Devil Coach K, nobody dares scrutinize.  While everyone hates John Calipari for his ” recruitment of ringers” many others see this as job security .

I’m ranting… time for a break.

Speaking of Bill Cosby

Grinding Ax Advice for Coach K: Keep your pie-hole shut when it comes to the other teams players! Telling Oregon’s Dillon Brooks to “stay classy” is just one of many after Duke losses. K’s lies afterwords have now coaxed other past victims of his post-loss castigations to come forward. Dare I say Coach K is becoming the Bill Cosby of Basketball Coaches!

This year the Championship Game was as good as any other in history. The game was played within 2-3 scores most of the game with many lead changes. Nova forced Carolina to play their brand of rough and tumble basketball . They took away the strength of inside the paint ball that UNC thrived on all season. If Carolina had not recorded one of their best three point efforts, this game would have been a Villanova blowout. 

Roy Williams was out-coached, That’s Wright. End of Story.

Which was the 3rd of my Greatest NCAA Finals Ever, you ask?  Jimmy Valvano’s NC State over Phi-Slamma Jamma of Houston.  

Last thought: Our Beloved Rangers better toughen up real quick!

Chime in with your rants and stop back tomorrow for another re-captured MTM contributor that will likely have opinions on the Mets, Yanks, Rangers, Isles or Knicks. Nobody cares about the Devils or Nets.

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