Ali, Howe, NBA Finals and Sharapova

Bumbaya, Ali
Bumbaya, Ali

EL BRONX, EL BARRIO – Another week and I am back up to bat. It has been sad week as two legends died. So today’s piece will be dedicated to the great Muhammad Ali, the Legendary Gordie Howe, the NBA finals and Maria Sharapova.

Ali: What can I say about this legend that has not been said? Would he be hated just as much in this era of social justice warriors that are all over Twitter and Facebook. He said unpopular things, spoke his mind and was willing to pay the price. In an era when people complain about our athletes talking politics (which has never been liked), Ali would say what he felt… and back it up. Then and now that’s a rare commodity.

Howe in 1979 still playing, this time as forward for the Whalers'
Howe in ’79 still playing for the Whalers

Howe: The man known as Mr. Hockey, died this week. I will let one of the bigger hockey fans on here carve a better tribute for the man. All I can say is that Howe set a lot of records, more through his longevity than through his talent. That is what made him special to a lot of people. He was a guy that loved the game and would play as long as his body allowed.

NBA Finals: Finally we have a series. It is an odd thing to say with the Warriors up 3-1, so let me explain. I have this belief that in a 7 game series, until someone loses at home in the first four games then you don’t have a series. What you have is each side holding their serve. Now let’s see if Cleveland can comeback and push it 7. 

Maria Sharapova: So the big news in the tennis world this week was the suspension of Maria Sharapova. The story goes she had been using this cream to massage her body before and after for years. The World Tennis Association recently made an ingredient in the cream illegal. She claimed the to be unaware of the change. She was suspended two years for this. Sharapova is a good player, but she became the top paid women’s athlete because a huge swath of men love tall in-state blondes, especially with a Russian accent. Not my cup of tea but I am not here to throw shade. Supposedly she will appeal to World Court of Sport but it is looking like she will lose this fight. She will just have to get by on modeling contract or something, the poor thing.


Comeback tomorrow for none other than Cheesy Bruin!

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