Commissioner Manfred Changing MLB Rules? Worst Ideas Ever…

SPANISH HARLEM – Recent MLB news has caught my attention… and boy am I pissed. There is talk from Commissioner Manfred that they are looking to make some more changes to MLB Rules – to speed up the game.  One change that’s being bandied about is the limit on relievers used in a baseball game. Now I’m for change to make the game better, faster but change for the sake of change doesn’t sit well with me. I understand that a major compliant about Baseball are that games last too long. Yes they can potentially run you about 4 hours of your daily life, but if you love you the sport then you watch the game.

Manfred Changing MLB Rules? The pits, man.

The great thing about sports today is that you get live updates, minute to minute. You can see when you favorite team scores within a minute of it happening and if you’re like me you can always rewind back to the beginning of the inning so you can see the whole thing play out. You don’t have to watch every inning of every game, so you don’t miss anything.

bernie-brewer-mlb-atlanta-braves-milwaukee-brewersMLB and Manfred should focus on showcasing what makes the game so great. Baseball has some greats athletes that need more exposure nationally. Make the game easier for children to play so they can fall in love with it early. Give equipment to those that need gloves and bats to play. Help sponsor organizations that support the sport, year in and year out. Market the hell out of the international players and show everyone that they have the opportunity to play ball. Allow players to show emotions in games, let them scream, cheer and talk a little smack without making them the bad guy.

Baseball is a game that always changing, whether it’s Tony LaRussa showing teams that it’s great to have a Closer or that bunting is no longer a useful way to advance runners. It is always evolving – most times for the better.

So, Commissioner Manfred:
There are ways to move the game forward without going backward!

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P.s… Did someone mention Tony LaRussa:

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