Yankees Hot Stove Finally Heating Up? Chapman, Beltran, Holliday, Sale

Big Signing….Sike!

SPANISH HARLEM – With what’s transpired this week, it’s time to discuss some Yankees Hot Stove News … but really, is there anything hot about it? Granted, I started this piece prior to the signing of Ardolis Chapman, but we kind of expected that to happen. Other than that, the Yankees signed a 37-yearold Matt Holiday, after kicking the tires on a 39-yearold by the name of Carlos Beltran, who signed with the Astros on a 1-year deal. But that’s it!

There are all types of Baseball rumors flying around this time of year and it seems the only good news on the Yankees front is that Aroldis Chapman is back. But he is getting paid mucho dinero; a record for Closers at 5 years/86 million. That seems a lot but when you consider it’s not your money, you start to relax. At the end of the day, you’re worth what a team is willing to pay and the Yankees paid.

Chapman Is Back!

There are others ways of acquiring talent at the Winter Meetings and that’s via trades, as we saw with the Red Sox getting Chris Sale for Baseball’s overall number 1 prospect, Yoan Moncada (who you might remember was coveted by the Yankees) and a slew of other prospects that I don’t care to look up at this moment. But it does show that you can be creative and get something good, even great in return. The talk around the Yankees trade front has predominately been centered around Brett Gardner and Chase Headley but can you really see the Yankees getting someone useful for those guys. Gardner can still be productive and play a-hell-of a Leftfield and Center but he doesn’t bring much in the power department and for a speed guy, doesn’t steal bases which negates his value. For Headley, there is not much to say other than I would trade him for just about anyone right now and would throw in some money to offset his contract just to see someone else get a chance at third base. Maybe Miguel Andujar… even Gleyber Torres… essentially anyone but Headley.

Gleyber Torres, remember the name!

The Hot Stove season is still young for the Bronx Bombers and a lot could happen between now and the beginning of spring training so all is not lost. This offseason has been dreadful and the talent scarce, if the Yanks want to bring something of value in, they will have to part with some young talent to do so. I’m not in that camp because this team is not ready to win it all right now and after seeing what some of these young players have done this past season, I’m ready to see more prospects, specifically Torres before I decide to trade anyone.

It may take a couple years for this team to get back to what we are used to (Championships) but I would understand if the Yankees let this following season play out before they start making substantial trades that may or may not put them over the top. Until then let’s enjoy the prospect talent show that is the New York Yankees.

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