Ebs’ Hot Takes: Super Bowl LI Reaction. Dewey Defeats Truman

Victorious presidential candidate Pres. Harry Truman jubilantly displaying erroneous CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE w. headline DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN which overconfident Republican editors had rushed to print on election night, standing on his campaign train platform. (Photo by W. Eugene Smith//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

CLIFTON PARK, NY – Of course. Should we even be surprised? I’m certainly not… Once the New England Patriots cut the deficit to 16 points in the fourth quarter I knew the Atlanta Falcons were toast. I’ve seen it too many times before with the Buffalo Bills.

Maybe after watching this fans outside of the Bills Mafia will have a little bit better understanding of how the Bills haven’t made the playoffs in 17 season. Because they have to play New England twice a season.

Oh well. Maybe next year.


Here’s a Super Bowl LI edition of Ebs’ Hot Takes:

Tom Brady is the GOAT. For the longest time I’ve always ranked Peyton Manning ahead of Tom Brady in my ranks of the all-time quarterbacks. Not any more. And that’s no shot at Manning.

I can’t ignore what happened Sunday night in Super Bowl LI. That was the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history – not playoff history because that still stays in Buffalo, but Super Bowl history – and that doesn’t happen without Brady.

Tommy Boy didn’t look so hot in the first half, but something clicked. Boy, was it impressive. Something I’ll never forget.

A buddy of mine, who’s a Patriots fan, texted me after the game, “Sooo.., best coach and QB of all time? No debate now.” Brady for sure, but I can’t get past Spygate and the stuff with the St. Louis Rams for Bill Belichick. Maybe one day, but not now.

Julio Jones is a beast. Julio Jones might have been the best player on the field Sunday.

Highlight-reel catch after highlight-reel catch. It was all so impressive. That tip-toe catch down the sideline to get Atlanta back in field-goal range after New England cut it to a one-possession game had me out of my seat.

If Matt Ryan forced the ball to Jones more the Falcons probably win. He did catch all four of his targets for 87 yards after all. He was unstoppable.

Like I thought, the Patriots didn’t have the talent to take Jones away, but instead consistently sent five pass rushers and made Ryan’s life hell in the second half.

Patriots Nation didn’t get their revenge moment with Roger Goodell, and it felt so good. As you probably know by now, New England sports fans are some of the most-annoying in all of sports, and it’s been at an all-time high recently.

For the last two weeks Patriots fans have been talking about how great it would be when Roger Goodell handed Tom Brady the Lombardi Trophy.

However, Goodell has never handed the trophy over to the winning quarterback, so why would he now? The trophy has always gone to the winning owner, which was exactly what happened Sunday.

To me, this wasn’t that big of a deal because before all of this Deflategate stuff started, Robert Kraft was Goodell’s biggest supporter. Even with everything that’s happened I feel pretty confident that they’re still friends.

Besides, Roger still personally congratulated both Brady and Belichick before the trophy celebration.

All and all this was a helluva Super Bowl, and hey, even Lady Gaga did a pretty good job. Oh, and Rex Ryan was great on Sunday NFL Countdown today.

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