Let’s Talk Knicks… Again and Why the Jets Love the Wrong Quarterback Prospect

SPANISH HARLEM, NY – With the NBA Playoffs underway, I will instead talk about the New York Knicks! This might not be the best time especially when there are a lot of good things happening in the NBA but I think it’s important to the New York fans to discuss Kristaps Porzingis’ dissatisfaction with Phil Jackson and the Knicks.

As we all know by now Kristaps Porzingis decided to forgo his season ending team meeting with Phil Jackson a couple weeks back. Speculation was that Porzingis was upset with the direction of the team and Jackson’s handling of the Carmelo Anthony situation… and really can you blame him? Phil has tarnished his pristine image as the greatest coach alive by proving his ineptitude as President of Basketball Operations with the Knicks but even more so by diminishing the one piece of trade value he has in Melo. Name any team President alive that would do that… none. Sure you hear coaches call their players out but Jackson is far from the coach, at least in title. Also name a president, coach or general manager that would look at their team and say… “let’s force an extinct offensive philosophy” on this group, year after year. While intelligent people would look at their roster and say “what do we have and how do we make it better”, Phil and company continue to enforce their tired and old beliefs.

My point… Kristaps is the one player the Knicks can’t afford to lose. He has been the brightest star on this dreadful franchise and they must do everything they can to appease him. In an age where teams want suggestions from their best player, Jackson seems to think that he can run this organization even if the players hate him. Now we have two more years of this bullsh*t… man this is getting me so upset that I will stop here before I get fired from MTM. (Can you get fired? Because I’m sure Angry Ward has tried everything and he is still here)

In recent New York Jets news, the consensuses seem to think that the team will draft another quarterback this year, most notably Mitch Trubisky. That is if the Cleveland Browns don’t take him with the first pick or trade up before the Jets can. Every year it seems that one quarterback comes out of nowhere to earn high praise and this year it’s Trubisky’s turn. Though I can speak from experience with Carson Wentz last year, sometimes it works out but I come from a time when players would show how good they are on the field and not while running drills. Even if Trubisky is there for the taking, how do you not take Deshaun Watson, who for two years straight laced Alabama’s defense (which many considered to be as good as some in the NFL), while losing one NCAA College Football Championship game and getting revenge the following year, to win in spectacular fashion. I understand potential and how good a person can look when no one is chasing him but doesn’t anyone in the NFL value production anymore. I’m no scout but I know when I see talent and Watson has the desire and the moxie to play in New York, if only the Jets felt the same way.

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