Sunday Sports Page: New York Mets, New York Rangers, NBA Playoffs, Derek Jeter

MARLBORO, NY– Lacking pomp and circumstance, let’s get to today’s sports topics of discussion…
Why does God hate the Mets? the New York Post front page recently asked.  The answer is a layup. It’s as easy as connecting the dots leading from the Wilpons to Ponzi-schemer Bernie Madoff. Karma is indeed a bitch with yet another cog in the Blue & Orange, reliever Jeurys Familia, heading for season-ending surgery to repair blood clots. And on the subject of karma, didn’t Familia dodge accusations of cuffing a woman around during the off season? Just sayin’. And here’s an idea for free shirt Friday: Jose Reyes and Jeurrys Familia “Wife-beaters”.

Delays, delays, delays: I still say the New York Rangers are significantly better than the team that just bounced them from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. If they play the Ottawa Senators ten times in a best-of-7, they win nine series. So again is a delay in the NHL coronation of Henrik Lundqvist as a glorious chance became wasted when Jean-Gabriel Pageau hit the empty net’s twine Tuesday night. To add insult to injury, the Rangers tee times at Long Island and northern suburbs golf courses were delayed due to perpetual track problems into and out of Penn Station.

Basket Case: The NBA preliminaries are over meaning the league has hit it’s version of the Final Four.  We pretty much are left with the four best teams and thus proves the notion that NBA Playoff upsets happen.  With these Conference Finals, particularly the Western series, I will finally watch the first minutes of pro basketball this season.  There is a void in my t.v. viewing schedule since the NHL is also down to their Conference Finals.

Cheesy Bruin; pesky photog.

#2 is #1: Derek Jeter is set to be feted this evening at The Steinbrenner’s Whore Emporium, weather permitting.  Does anybody really expect it to rain on Derek Jeter Night?  Outside of blowing that series lead to the Red Sox in 2004, nothing bad ever happens to El Capitan.  In all seriousness, Jeets was such a class act around these parts that even a Yankee hater like me had a difficult time faulting the guy.

Jeter owned the city like few other sports stars have–the names of Clyde, Reggie and Broadway Joe come to mind in a nanosecond.  The difference between these three and Captain Clutch is that Jeter lacked panache off the field–soft spoken if not cliché and preferred to wait for the big moment on the field.  For a guy who owned New York, Jeter was more an inhabitant than landlord.

Mother’s Day is an odd choice for a ceremony but makes perfect sense.  To the ladies, #2 was a heartthrob of sorts.  In a town that saw women of all ages fall over themselves for a glimpse at Bucky Dent and Lee Mazzilli back in the day, Jeter also had a smart Madison Avenue good look about him.  If the skies precipitate tonight it will only add to the wet eyes and moist thighs of women in attendance and watching at home.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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