What Ails the Yankees & What The Knicks Should Do in Free Agency

SPANISH HARLEM, NY –  The New York Yankees keep losing, yet remain very much in the AL East race. Meanwhile, the New York Knicks continue to do nothing of significance. That’s right, I will talking about my two favorite teams today because there is pretty much nothing else – unless your a Boston Celtics fan… and I hate that team. So, here’s dose of What Ails the Yankees & What The Knicks Should Do.

Yankees fan Kate Moss?

Let’s start with the Yankees, who win one game and lose the other, going on two weeks now.  The Hell Month of June is gone but it still feels like they climbing a very steep hill after starting the season with a lot of success. Injuries have played a big part in derailing their chances but it’s also the inconsistent play of everyone on this club lately, specifically the pitching. Two days ago, they got back CC Sabathia and Adam Warren but you can’t expect them to be the players they were before the injuries. That will take some time. Aaron Judge’s play is keeping this team afloat but this lineup is thinner than Kate Moss. Hopefully with the All-Star break coming up this team can get healthier and more complete to finish out the reminder of this season.

Now on to the Knicks… I know some are you asking: what can he possibly write about them when they have done nothing so far in free agency? Which is actually the approach I hope they continue to take – even after they finally sign a new President of Basketball Operations. This team has a lot of holes and no one player will fix that. I’m hoping they continue to wait the process out and sign guys to 2-year contracts at the max. The Knicks have been linked to Jeff Teague and George Hill but we all knew that was just rumor/lies. Why would anyone want to play for this franchise right now? We don’t know what offense they will run or what they will do with Carmelo Anthony, so at this point they couldn’t sign me to a 1-year contract.

I’m all for the Knicks to finally rebuild. Look to sign guys that have something to prove or glue guys that will keep this team together when the going gets tough. I’m even hoping they find a way to tank this upcoming season and can’t believe I’m actually saying that because I’m not sure how many losing seasons I can take… but it’s the right way to go. Even in a losing conference, this team will lose a lot of games but at least there won’t be the illusion of trying to win.

Trade Melo and tell KP this is what it is, we are going to tank for the number one pick and hopefully get you a sidekick you can grow with. I hate to see this team lose but I know in my heart they won’t be good and the way to get better is the draft. Let’s all agree… tanking is best.

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