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Buddy_Diaz as Elf, Meet_The_MattsSPANISH HARLEM – For the second year in a row I get to write on the day that someone from Meetthematts wouldn’t even click on. Welcome to the abyss. If your still reading this, enjoy the article I have about the New York Knicks.

I was the first person that wanted this Knicks team to tank but now I’m not so sure. Do I want MY TEAM to lose? Hell no! Do I want to get a good draft pick? Hell yea! I’m torn because I love the way this team is playing but I also know that this team is flawed. I’m not the bearer of bad news but I always write what I feel. This team is good… But just how good?

They play defense; a hallmark of the past. Enes Kanter is fighting back and it reminds me of Charles Oakley. I know that might be far-fetched but I see something in this group that makes me happy. They play hard and they move the ball. They can score in bunches when they are in a groove. Tim Hardaway Jr. has been a great player the last ten games. The type of player you give 16 million to, his assist are up and his game has improved. I’m seeing a different guy out there. He has earned his money so far but we as fans have seen money like that go to waste.

I always over-think things so I will keep it simple… lets give thanks to these Knicks.

I give thanks that Kristaps Prozingis is a franchise player. May he continue to get better and become the star we all hope he can become.

May Frank Nitilikina get better at scoring in the lane… because he is great defensively.

May Jarrett Jack continue to have that spring in his step.

May Courtney Lee continue to hit 3s like he has.

May Enes Kanter continue to get offensive rounds like he has.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Enjoy, eat up and hug the people you love… Trust me, they will love that shit lol.

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