Knickstape Forum 2018, Yankees: WHAT is at 2nd; I DON’T KNOW is at 3rd

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SPANISH HARLEM – The NFL Playoffs are only days away but who really cares about football anymore? The people really want baseball and basketball news. I’m here to the people what they want!

Knickstape Forum 2018, Yankees: WHAT is at 2nd; I DON'T KNOW is at 3rdYankees

As we draw closer to Spring Training, questions still remain for the Yankees. At the moment there are holes at 2nd and 3rd base but there are options. Gleyber Torres ended the season as arguably the best prospect in baseball. He was someone the organization believed was ready and awaited a call up to the majors, if the elbow injury didn’t end his year. Most figured he would replace Starlin Castro at second when the Yankees traded for Giancarlo Stanton but that has changed now since the trade of Chase Headley. Torres best position is shortshop but has moved around to 2nd and 3rd base in the minors to improve his versatility. That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if he started the year at 3rd base. Some of you may bring up Miguel Andujar or Todd Frazier? I believe they want Andujar to get more seasoning at Scranton before they thrust him into the spotlight. As for Frazier, my feeling is that they will possibly bring him back on a 1-year deal – if the price is right… Andujar is also a potential trade chip, which would make Frazier more attractive. I don’t see the Yankees breaking the bank for anyone, and that includes Frazier.

As stated before, Torres was the candidate every one expected as the 2nd base option but now it seems that Tyler Wade may get a shot to the win the job. Watching the Yankees Hot Stove on YES, every guy in the development department praised Wade and believe he is better than what he showed in his limited time in The Show. It wasn’t just one guy, it was every guy they spoke to. That tells me they believe he should and will get his shot at some point. Why not now? Sure he was bad at the plate and we can’t expect every guy to come up and be Gary Sanchez. At this time last year many people doubted what Aaron Judge would do what we all saw happen. I’m not saying Wade will be the next big star but he also doesn’t have to be. All he has to do is play good defense and get on base for the boppers ahead of him. Before the Yanks go out and spend money, they should definitely see what they have in him.

Knickstape Forum 2018, Yankees: WHAT is at 2nd; I DON'T KNOW is at 3rdKnicks

How things have changed for the Knicks! This 7-game stretch have been brutal. 6 of 7 losses and each seems worse than the one before it. You can see the flaws on this team and nothing more flawed than their 3-point shooting. Playing against the San Antonio Spurs and Washington Wizards, you see 4 or sometimes even 5 guys on the opposing team that can shoot the 3-ball. The Knicks are not built to shoot 3’s and only average maybe 2 shooters in the lineup at any given time. That includes Kristap Porzingis, who has shot poorly from the 3-arc recently… Losing Tim Hardaway jr. has hurt the spacing in the offense and only time will tell – when he comes back from injury. The game has changed, the offense has changed and if you can’t shoot 3’s, you will lose. That’s exactly how big leads are lost in the NBA. Unless Jeff Hornacek can devise some plays for guys that can shoot 3-pointers, the Knicks will lose a lot more.

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