Knickstape Forum: More Tanking, Some Restructure and Hoping For The Luck That Only Adam Silver Can Provide

SPANISH HARLEM – The New York Knicks tank job is in full effect and I couldn’t be happier. It sucks but this organization needed this because the team is truly a mess, with or without Kristaps Porzingis. I know there was talk of the playoffs before KP got hurt but I truly believed the only option to add quality players was through the draft. At this moment the team is tied for 8th in the standings, which is where the organization drafted last year when they took Frank Ntilikina. Not the best place in the world to be but hopefully they move up a spot or two before the season is over.

This will be an important draft the Knicks, as they have 4 picks in total, including 3 in the second round. I know second round picks are considered somewhat worthless but they are diamonds to be found, take a look on Google for second round picks that became good NBA players and you will be surprised at what you see. Finding another young player that can contribute in that group could really help turn this franchise around. One, Draymond Green, helped turn the Golden State Warriors from a good team into a great team with the energy and defense he brings every night. For the Knicks, finding that type of player could potentially turn this team from a bad team into a good one.

The thing I implore the Knicks to do… find good shooters! The NBA is always evolving and right now you need guys that can space the floor and knock down open 3s. Take a look at the Toronto Raptors this year, the coaches enforced the need to shoot more 3s and right now are playing their best basketball in franchise history. Believe me, it’s no coincidence they became one of the leagues elite this year. It’s become an essential part of the game for the best teams in the league and one the Knicks should really focus on in the draft. I don’t want to disrespect NBA players because only the very best players get to wear a uniform but this Knick team needs more talent that they can develop and right away.

On a side, a conversation I had with DUDE in the comments section really got me thinking. He stated that Adam Silver should do something about the Knicks and throw them a bone, that being the 1st pick in the draft. I am biased so I agreed, something needs to be done to help this organization. Some people would call this cheating but how awesome would it be if they happened to fall into that type of luck. Come on Adam Silver, give this city some hope, give this city the number one pick in the draft!

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