NFL Draft Ideas for The New York Giants and Jets

SPANISH HARLEM – My consecutive streak of not getting sick has finally come to an end. It was one of the best for me in recent history and considering the changes in weather, I’m highly proud of how my body has reacted. All good streaks come to an end at some point and I’m no different but enough about me. I’ll make this short and sweet because I feel like crap so lets get to it, My NFL Draft ideas for the New York Giants and Jets.

New York Giants

Rumors are that the Giants have their eye on Saquon Barkley and Bradley Chubb. The talk of taking a quarterback has been quieted and it seems that they will go on with Eli Manning and David Webb for the foreseeable future. Lets get honest here, this team needs more than just one big name in the draft to make this team a legit contender. Why not just trade the 2nd overall pick in the NFL Draft and recoup more picks in the process? Most teams in the NFL make their team better later in the draft anyway, the 2nd and 3rd rounds are gold mines for teams looking to build talent and depth. It won’t be the easiest decision to make because the fans will be disappointed but in the long run, this team will be better for it.

Teams in the NFC East are building around defense, specially the defense line and getting pressure on the quarterback. Trade down and make the most of those picks and get guys that will pressure the ball. The Super Bowl teams that made the Giants special was when they has players on defense that can get in your face and stuff the line. If your a Giants fan, you know I’m right about this, so hope that they take the advice of many and look to get as much as possible for the 2nd overall pick.

New York Jets

Now this team is surely taking a quarterback with the 3rd overall pick, what we don’t know is who they love the most considering the Cleveland Browns take Sam Darnold as the first pick in the draft. Many have speculated that Baker Mayfield may be their pick but for some reason I’m seeing the Josh Rosen situation similar to that of Aaron Rodgers, when he fell in the draft because people didn’t like his attitude. Look how well Aaron Rodgers turned out and how important he has become to the Green Bay Packers. If I’m the New York Jets, I take Rosen in a heartbeat. The talent is there and while many see attitude, I see a guy that is mature for his age. Most guys go their whole life being football robots and Rosen is different but it doesn’t make him a bad person because of it. I’m no expert at college talent but the one thing that wouldn’t scare me is a guy that cares about issues going on in the world. If I’m Jets, I take Josh Rosen and hope for the best, that’s all you can ever do because nothing is guaranteed.

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