Ryder Cup, Title IX, Vikings Defense, And de Grom And Wright

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – It has been a long exhausting week but here we are back at it again. I had to find some other things to talk about since there are only a few sports in season right now and trying to talk Major League Soccer or the English Premiership (soccer and rugby) didn’t seem like it would go over well. So today’s menu:  Ryder Cup, Title IX, Vikings Defense, And de Grom And Wright.

Ryder Cup: I went for a drink with some friends the other day and the Ryder Cup was on. They apparently added some kind of concert to go along with all of this show. I couldn’t figure out what it was about. I have known of it but I never got the big deal. A quick look on Wiki and shows that it is a very old tournament, yes I know the logo says 1927 but the EU(European Union) ain’t that old so I was confused. It turns out it was suppose to be a weird team contest between the best in the US and the best in the British and Irish isles. Then in 1979, they added continental Europe to the Brits and Irish. Either way, can’t say I care nor am I really rooting for anyone. I am just glad to have found out what all the fuss was about and now you know too.

Title IX: Most of us have heard about Title IX (its pronounced 9 not I-X). It is the law for women’s sports equality. The actual law states

Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 is a federal law that states: “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

I bring this up because this hasn’t been a great week for women’s rights in America (not getting into but it needed to be said). So there was bit of sunshine for women athletes at Eastern Michigan University. The school planned to cut its softball and tennis programs for women but a player for each team filed a joint lawsuit and won. The judge noted that in looking at the history of the men’s and women’s programs there had been disproportionate treat against the women’s sports program going back 15 years. Female athletes are truly student athletes since they often don’t have massive pro contracts waiting for them, similar to men playing a non-top 4 program sport, to be fair. The softball player was an aviation major and she couldn’t find a school with that major and offering a scholarship and the tennis player was an international student so she would have to leave the country and go back home and find another college that would accept her and give a scholarship. The school claimed they were trying to balance a budget. I guess the school may need to cut some of its funding to men’s programs.

Vikings: I hate to go after Angry Ward‘s team but now I’m angry with them. I was so busy on Thursday that I didn’t get to update my fantasy football line-up in time to switch defenses. By the way, have I mentioned how much I hate Thursday Night Football. I was annoyed but I was like the Minnesota Vikings defense can’t be that bad. They got me a minus 9. I mean these are the LA Rams not the Greatest Show on Turf St. Louis Rams. 38 points they gave up, it was disgusting and to think, I had the Chicago Bears defense but they were on the bench. I should have wised up after the way they played against the Buffalo Bills but it looked like the better match-up as the Bills offense was poor. I know one thing is for sure is that Kirk Cousins won’t win any title with that defense they plan to win by just having a shootout every game. If that is the case then someone better send Ward a bucket load of Rolaids and a metric ton to that ice cold state cause those fans will need it.

de Grom & Wright: David Wright is being remembered fondly as he retires from baseball, having only ever played for the NY Mets. I guess I am ok with that. He wasn’t a bad guy and his teammates loved him. He was just broken and stayed on too long. Plus he was also a Wilpon sycophant because he never scream out what was happening that all us fans were watching. The Wilpons were completing hold the team back from success. However, in the dug out when he was fit and playing, he was a great leader and a good captain. No one can deny him that he loved playing for the Mets, loved trying to help win games and enjoyed every moment out there like an over-grown 12 year old. This brings me to Jacob de Grom. He is another guy that is pure class. He is the soft-spoke Ace of the Mets. It is amazing that de Grom is being considered for the Cy Young and possibly an NL MVP. Mainly because he was barely above .500 in wins this season. However, if youw atch the games you saw a guy going out and allowing 1 or 2 runs at most and his hitters just constantly letting him down. He need to hit home runs himself or pitch a shutout, which sometime didn’t matter because he left a game after 8 innings at 0-0 and still ended up with the team losing.  I hope the Mets do make a big investment in him and Noah Syndergaard. I believe those two can be great leaders and ambassadors for the club and help carry the Mets toward being a winning team. If the Mets need a new poster boy or two for the franchise.

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