Big Ben Tuesday – Boring All-Star Games and Boras Overplays His Hand

The winner of the Pro Bowl

Superbowl, Hell: We’re just a few days from February, the Monday of months, smack dab in the unnecessary extra Super Bowl hype week. In a weak attempt to get some ratings, they put the snoozer N(H and F)L’s All Star games where the Super Bowl should be. At least the growing spectacle of Machado and Harper remaining unaffiliated two weeks before camp is providing some entertainment. I’ll try not to mail this one, but no promises.

Gibby’s all-star experience…

The hockey three on three format is fun for a minute, but the breakaway fest gets old quickly. I felt bad for the goalies, especially John Gibson, who finished with a whopping .222 save percentage. I reckon I could lay down in across the goal mouth and match that.

The days of the shutdown Scott Stevens type D-man are long gone. This is not hockey.

Henrik Lundqvist represented the New York Rangers. He was an obvious choice, with the 30th best GAA, the 23rd best save percentage, and 16th most wins (tied). That was sarcasm. I’m beginning to suspect his inclusion was based on past glory.

Is that $300 million still on the table?

And why does the NFL still play their game the week before the Super Bowl? Nobody cares whether it’s before or after and at least the Super Bowl participants could play if it’s after. Hey, let’s schedule it so the stars from the two best teams can’t play it in.

Tom Brady has never been to a Pro-Bowl since they started this format. I assume. Whoever suggested this format should have been fired on the spot.

Somehow the NFC could only score seven points with both teams tackling as if they were pending Jets’ free agents playing in Week 17.

Speaking of Jets, Jamal Adams was the defensive MVP, on the strength of a sack and an interception, both on terribly botched trick plays. But he did have the one memorable moment of the weekend. I just watched this about 50 straight times. Enjoy.

Scott Boras and Bryce Harper turned down $300 million from the Nats a few months back. Whoops. With only the Red Sox and Dodgers over the luxury cap last season, baseball basically has a salary cap. Teams are staying away from long term monster contracts and these two studs are still flapping in the wind.

Even the Yankees barely kicked the tires on them. It seems like the agents overplayed their hands this time. I feel very badly for Scott Boras. Poor guy.

The winner of the Pro Bowl

Come back next week to see if I can come to terms with another Tom Brady ring. And come back tomorrow for a guy who still has yet to criticize the Red Sox or Dodgers for buying their way to the World Series, The Hypocrite Angry WardFollow us on Twitter at @BenWhit8, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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