Big Ben: As QBs Start to Move, New York Giants Weigh Their Options

You sure about that five ten?

East Rutherford, NJ – It’s 11 PM and I ain’t got nothin’ done. I don’t want to Karl Malone it in, so I’ll let it fly like Eli Manning and hope for a helmet catch. Speaking of the New York Giants and Eli… Who’s the next QB?

In January I threw something together about the 2019 NFL QB carousel. It was fun and irreverent, but didn’t really go anywhere. You know, like a  Quentin Tarantino movie.

You sure about that five ten?

I had the five most desperate QB teams as the Broncos, Giants, Dolphins, Jags, and Redskins. A few of these teams have now made their moves.

The Broncos traded for Joe Flacco for some reason. Short-term, mediocre QBs are John Elway’s jam, apparently.

The Jags are set to sign Nick Foles. Either they are giving him a few boatloads of cash or he really wants a high degree of difficulty.

In a move that’s either a front or really stupid, the Redskins seem to be rallying around Colt McCoy. That is good news for the Giants, whose odds of finishing last in the division just went down.

Which leaves the Miami Dolphins as the only other competitor in the Super Desperate category. I know there is a long way to go and things can happen. But the Giants pick before the Fish and the teams in front of them all might have their QBs in place for 2019. The Giants look to be in pretty good position to get a top QB at the moment.

Don’t sleep on D-Lock

The big news out of the combine was that Kyler Murray is a legit five foot ten and has bigger hands than Pat Mahomes or Jared Goff. In today’s NFL, that’s more important than a guy’s game tape. Mel Kiper & Co approved, and Murray is now flying up the mock draft boards.

If anyone knows the importance of hand size, it’s our President. It seems that if you have tiny hands,  you are likely to have a deformed, weird mushroom dong. But there are no such problems for Kyler, who was so pleased with his tallness and manos that he decided not to throw. It’s a strange new world folks.

If the Giants like Dwayne Haskins, they might be able to stay put and get him. Unless Dave Gettleman can be as easily outmaneuvered as his predecessor, that is (The Titans and Bears traded up and took Conklin and Floyd? No problem, give me Eli Apple).

The word is that the Cardinals might take Murray with the top pick. Kliff Kingsbury (Tangent: “Kliff” is a brutally bad name. It’s unlikely a guy with that name can succeed in the NFL) was brought it to run his offense, which doesn’t really work with an immobile QB like Josh Rosen, the angriest man to ever be drafted tenth. Chill bro, Aaron Rodgers almost fell out of the first round.

We know the Giants didn’t love Rosen at number two, but what if they could get him for like a second or maybe a fourth round pick? They don’t have a third, but there might not be a huge market for him. Let him sit under Eli for a year to learn the offense.

Eli can teach him to be less of a douche and they can transition from one statue QB to another. I reckon this isn’t the Giants’ Plan A, but if Haskins and Murray are off the board, they might have to kick the tires on Rosen.

Finally, I’m not the only one with sub 2% body fat

Drew Lock from Missou upped his stock at the combine and he has the measurables the Giants look for in a QB. I would no longer be shocked if the Giants took him.

I’m done speculating and gesticulating. Comment below if you like and check out Angry Ward and some first class pontificating. Follow us on Twitter at @BenWhit8, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.


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