MLB Season Is Upon Us: Yankees, Mets, Injuries, Worries

SPANISH HARLEM – The rosters are set and it’s time to play some real games. The New York Yankees go into the season with issues, missing their number 1 starter to begin the season. Not the way you want to start but the world waits for no one. I have found that the greatest thing a really good team has is depth, plug one in and keep it moving. Injuries will happen and you have to deal with them, some will say it’s better now than when you get late in the season yet it still sucks.

The season starts and make no mistake, the Yanks have good players across the board. Borderline great in some areas, and that will win you a ton of games. Giancarlo Stanton has a full year under his belt and that will help. Having Aaron Judge for a full season will allow this team to score a lot of runs. You hope and pray that every key player will stay healthy but sometimes life throws you curve-ball. You just know that something will happen to someone.

If you’re a New York Mets fan, you know what I’m talking about. But it’s not just you. That worry is in every fan. The moment a key person goes down, it wrecks your psyche. Ask me now and I will tell you that this team should win the World Series and I’m smart enough to know that you will need some luck. It’s the one thing that sounds ridiculous and smart, I remember winning it all… look at me sounding like I’m part of the team. I remember feeling fortunate and thinking that if we didn’t get that strikeout or if that easy grounder was an error, we… better yet – they – would of never won.

Philosophy aside, I’m going into this season feeling optimistic. Can the Yankees win it all? Absolutely. Will they? Maybe. How’s that for a prediction?! I hope it’s a fun ride because I love the Yankees and hope they win and win a lot. I love baseball even more and look forward to it like I look forward to Christmas (by the way my favorite holiday). It’s my Xmas come April 1st and my present will be baseball.

Here’s to a healthy and competitive year for both New York teams; may all get healthy and stay healthy.

I’ll leave you with this…

Pay Jacob deGrom already. He deserves it.

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