Mets Early Form, Jets New Uniforms And Lord of the Flies

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS: I really need to stop waiting until Saturday morning to write some of these pieces but life is unforgiving like that. At least I had today’s piece written in my mind before I decided to type it. In the line for today is: Mets Early Form, Jets New Uniforms And Lord of the Flies.

Mets Early Form: I know they had a hot start last season only to fizzle out during the dog days of summer  (May) but this year is also impressive so far. Jacob deGrom has been worth every penny of his new contract. 2 wins, 24Ks and a home run for good measure. Not bad for a kid from a really small school that was converted to pitcher in his Junoir year. Suck on that Matt Harvey! Of course yesterday, they lost at Shea on Opening Day. But that was because me, Short Matt and Cheesy weren’t there. Despite the loss, with deGrom and Noah Syndergaard atop the rotation and healthy, an improving Steven Matz and Zack Wheeler, decent bullpen, a good closer turned set-up man, a great closer they got a chance. They aren’t gonna blow teams out like the Yankees because they lack bats to respect, but they will play a lot of games where it may be 5 runs or less scored for the win… and as long as it is 3-2 or 2-1, then they will be fine.

Jets New Uniforms:  For some ungodly reason, after all their brilliant off-season work, the Jets got a little greedy and decided to change their uniforms. I don’t know what to think. I am was glad they went back to the classic look of Namath & Co, 20 years ago after the weird solid green and bland logo of the 80s and 90s. This look is like the 80s look with a 2019 updated tweaks… like a black facemask, the shoulder stripe and the black alternate jersey. I don’t know how it will look in a game but if they manage to win games it won’t matter.

Lord of the Flies: I was discussing the way our world seems more and more cruel and indifferent to each other. A huge part of it is the tribalism of our politics. However, the more I think about more I realize that Lord of the Flies is a microcosm of society. Yes, it is about kids surviving being accidentally marooned on an island and how they go primal and tribes develop. They attack and kill each other, etc. I am starting to believe if not for laws governing civility and crimes, we would all be sharpening our spears right now.

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