The Idzik 12, 2019 NFL Draft And National Anthem Singers

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS: I usually describe writing for Meet the Matts as my personal Hotel California. It was easy to say yes as I’d love a chance to blog about my opinions on things going on in the world of sport.

Since I began I’ve tried to quit 3 times and somehow I still keep writing. In that vein, I got busy with work at my other job (the one that actually pays away from this place) yesterday, so I pulled a DJ Eberle and didn’t show up to work. Last night I get a text from Boss Hogg asking to pinch hit for Sunday. I had to remind him I hadn’t even hit Saturday! He said he was out of town and busy selling his blood to fund the site so he wasn’t aware, but that I could redeem myself by pinch-hitting Sunday. I swear it was easier to leave the Corleone family!

Anyway, let’s get down to business and look at the topics for today: The Idzik 12, 2019 NFL Draft And National Anthem Singers.

Rex Ryan, John Idzik and Woody Johnson

The Idzik 12: With attention toward this year’s draft, I came across a sad (but not surprising) article about the ineptitude of the NY Jets. During the era of Woody Johnson, Rex Ryan, and John Idzik as involved owner, head coach, and GM, respectively, the Jets had one of the most disastrous drafts in their history. That speaks volumes for this franchise. In 2014, the Jets had 12 draft picks. It seemed time for the franchise to fill a lot of holes and improve for the future.

To no one’s surprise, the draft was a disaster. With Dakota Dozier signing with the Vikings last week, none of the guys from the 2014 draft are still with the Jets. Five of those picks don’t even play football, not even in Canada or AFL. Number 1 pick Calvin Pryor lasted 3 years in the NFL. Three of the class of 2014 are on other teams and four never made the cut. This is why the Jets are the Jets, a joke team in year 26 of their 3 year rebuild.

2019 NFL Draft: Looking at this year’s draft, it seems the Jets decided to play it safe and grab (a) the top defensive tackle in the draft and (b) the best player available at the third spot. Great choices (*queue sarcasm*) for a team with good interior linemen and who will run a 3-4 defense where an edge rusher was the pressing need. But then again, they’re the Jets.

The Giants made a major reach with their first pick and got a QB from Duke. Shades of Dave Brown if you ask me, but a heir to Eli was needed. They skipped Jared Rosen and Sam Darnold last year for this guy!?! SMH. I will let Ben Whitney review the rest of the Giants picks and be back next week with a look at the Jets picks.

Also, I noticed San Francisco drafted the Anti-Kapernick MAGA hat wearing Nick Bosa. I am sure there will be no political blowback.

National Anthem Singers: I normally don’t pay attention to these guys, but after hearing the Flyers were no longer using the “God Bless America” by Kate Davis after finding out she did a racist song, I had to laugh. I mean, a racist singer from the thirties? I am shocked (*queue sarcasm x2*). I heard her song “Pickaninny Heaven” which, as wrong as it sounds, was sung to help out an orphanage in Harlem full of Black kids. I also found out the one who does Bruins games also works the bar, I hope they are getting paid extra.

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