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SPANISH HARLEM – Let’s start with this: I’m so proud of the Philadelphia Eagles. They had some up and downs to start but they ended it with 4 straight wins to capture the division. They dealt with an abundance of injuries and as a Yankees fan, it mirrored all the injuries us Bronx Bombers fans saw them go through in New York. One player went down and someone else stepped up. It wasn’t pretty at times and I really don’t how they won those games with the personnel they had, yet they always found a way to get the job done… Until Sunday. The Seattle Seahawks ended the run even with Carson Wentz out of the game early, the Iggles almost had a chance to tie the game. It was an emotional loss and some players cried; they knew they had no business being there but they all wanted to win. Well done, Eagles.

Now let’s get to my other thoughts.

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More Eagles? Yes, I know I just wrote about them but Carson Wentz’s injury history and many people have been bringing it up on Twitter. Calling the guy injury-prone or brittle is truly unfair because this was not your usual football injury. It was THE INJURY. The one everyone talks about when they discuss why this sport is so brutal. I’m sure it’s easy for people to fall back on the narrative that Wentz can’t stay healthy, yet I feel it’s lame to do so. The guy played in all 16 games this season and should be respected for that. He proved he CAN play through a campaign.

And the hit by Jadeveon Clowney was dirty. He should have been penalized. Do I think he was head hunting? No. But I feel that Clowney wanted to send a message of some sorts and that led to  irresponsible behavior on his part – which led to a concussion injury for Wentz. There was really nothing Wentz could do to avoid an injury like that. Some might say that he should of slid on the play but he was down, regardless of any way you see it. So let’s just stop with the injury history crap for right now, it’s not appropriate to him or any player that has faced a concussion.

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When Jeter first retired there were whispers that he may be the first unanimous player to get into the Hall of Fame. We know now that Mariano Rivera beat him to it – and rightfully so. Though the whispers are getting louder, I don’t think he will get all the votes. What happened to Rivera was unprecedented and I just believe that there will be at least one person that will not vote for him. That person will say that he was never the best shortstop in the game and that he was overrated. That he couldn’t play defense and he should have never won any Gold Gloves. I can just see it now… though I truly hope I’m wrong.

Jeter might have been the most respected player in the game during his tenure. He was a great leader and even better for New York, because of how he was able to deal with the media and all the hype around the Yankees. He didn’t have the power numbers some other shortstops had and he wasn’t the greatest defender but he was a great hitter and made some legendary plays in the infield. Almost everyone wanted a piece of The Captain, whether you were a fan, another professional athlete or the media. To me, that is star power and no one had it better than Derek Jeter – Number 2!

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