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Rugby Hall of Fame Cheesy_Bruin, Meet_The_Matts, NHL Picks

BLOOMINGBURG, NY – Nice Super Bowl last week and if you paid any attention to what I said then you cashed your ticket on the “Under” and that ends an NFL season that Cheesy Bruin’s FREE NFL Picks finished very strong in an otherwise uncharacteristic meh year in prognostications. There’s one bit of business concerning the NFL I haven’t opined on yet, as not to interfere with said gambling advice and that was the announcement of the NFL Hall of Fame Class for 2020.

Rugby Hall of Fame Cheesy_Bruin, Meet_The_Matts, NHL Picks
Cheesy Bruin & Friends outside the Rugby Hall of Fame

It really is becoming the norm that the Hall of Fame in team sports is turning into the Hall of Very Good. Is there a rugby HOF somewhere in this universe? Asking for a friend, Short Matt. HAH! But really, the NFL revealed its Centennial Class, which included questionable names like:
-Bill Cowher (one Super Bowl – and a snoozer at  that – in addition to multiple disappointments in AFC Championship games)
-Alex Karras (Webster’s dad was once suspended for a gambling scandal that the NFL tries to distance itself from but is now housing a Las Vegas team among its 32)
-Harold Carmichael ( when you have a nine-inch height advantage on DB’s of the era and lack explosiveness you’re nothing more than very good)
-Cliff Harris ( here’s throwing a bone to slow-footed white guys and Dallas Cowboys fans everywhere because all I remember is this guy littered with tread marks on his back in big games just like Charlie Waters)

Personally, I would rather have seen Tom Flores, Cliff Branch and Drew Pearson make the Hall rather than their peers selected in this class but the debate will roll on. Please chime in on those which I have a problem.


Yes, the best sport on the planet is back from the All-Star break and in full swing as teams gruel through back-to-backs and three games in five nights in reaching the finish line.

The BOSTON BRUINS sit atop the NHL landscape as of noontime Saturday. The President’s Trophy is a curse so I’m hoping they put it in neutral enough to relinquish the bulls eye on their backs but not too much to lose the division lead to a better team in the Tampa Bay Lightning. As currently constituted the Bruins are not going back to the Stanley Cup Finals due to lack of production after arguably the game’s top first line of Pastrnak-Bergeron-Marchand. An injury to one and the season blows up in the matter of seconds.

@CheesyBruin pees on the NY RangersThe trade deadline is less than two weeks away and the B’s are said to be active as hometown boy and NYR Chris Kreider tops the rental list for many teams who will be “all-in” on lifting that glorious trophy in June. Things fell perfectly for the Black ‘N Gold last spring but Sweet Jesus, they blew a Game 7 at home.

I’m still holding onto 2011 and while it appears further away in the rear view mirror I’m still cherishing that vintage year.

If you’re looking for an Eastern Conference dark horse how about the New York Islanders? Particularly if they are a Wild Card team. The defensive game is there and Barry Trotz is as good as you’ll find as far as bench bosses go.

I see Washington and Pittsburgh knocking the other out and can pave the way for the Isles at decent odds.

As for Ranger fans, enjoy the view because the re-boot continues with some hard decisions ahead amid an expansion draft and serious cap issues. That Trouba deal is starting to rear its ugly head. Management needs to keep defenseman Tony DeAngelo at all costs. Guys like him don’t grow on trees as quarterback of a white hot #1 power play unit quarterback.

If you want to throw some more money around on NHL action today, try the Red Wings at home in Hockey Town against the aforementioned Bruins. A 12:30 faceoff you’ll be getting the league worst Wings at a little better than 2-1. This is a spot where the B’s traditionally lay an egg. Trust me when I tell you. I know this team better than my cell phone number. The “under” (6) might be another wager to consider.

That’s it for me. Leave your thoughts and come back tomorrow for somebody scrambling to fill in for a MIA Junoir Blaber.

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