[Allegedly] Jim Dolan Sucks! Spike Lee, Knicks… A Mess.

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Will it last?

SPANISH HARLEM – It has been a tough couple of days for New York Knicks fans and it has everything to do with Jim Dolan. Many of you have heard about the Spike Lee mess that happened on Monday and by now, you have seen the sh!t show it has become. I feel embarrassed to be a Knicks fan and I shouldn’t have to feel that way. The losing is bad enough but when you become the laughingstock of league, you find yourself asking… Is it all worth it?

I love the Knicks and have great memories from the 1990’s. Sure, they never won an NBA championship in my lifetime but I did see them make it to the finals twice and lose. It sucked a bunch but I rooted hard for those teams. There was Michael Jordan and he stood in the way of what might have been but I have no ill feelings to Air Jordan. It just wasn’t meant to be then but what is happening now is horrible! How/why does this franchise continue to make  fools of themselves?

Spike Lee is beloved in New York for being the Knicks biggest fan – the defacto mascot. I mean that in the nicest way possible. He was there when the Knicks were rocking and his feud with Reggie Miller was the stuff of legends. He should be able to walk into any entrance he chooses, I’m sorry, he just should. Why is this an issue at all? I know there are rules in place to ensure the protection of everyone involved but this is Spike FREAKING Lee we are talking about. They should pull out the red carpet for the amount of money he spends on court side seats. He is a paying customer and your most famous ally at this point.

Jim_Dolan, Spike_Lee, Diaz, Meet_The_Matts, Knicks

It just doesn’t make any sense… unless it was something that Jim Dolan wanted. Maybe it’s Jimmy showing everyone he has the power to do so, that he is the king of his castle or Garden, depending on how you look it. History says that if you cross Dolan in any way, he will make your life a living hell and he will try to make you look like a bad person in the process. He is not the problem… we are... and that’s just sad. He continues to make money on the Knicks even though the true fans, either can’t pay for a ticket because it’s so expensive or choose not to waste their hard-earned money on this slop they call the Knicks.

When the real fans do show up and yell their displeasure, you know what they get? Security removes them from the premises and maybe even a lifetime ban. That is ridiculous, Dolan is banning his own fans from the team. It’s just crazy to think about… the nerve of this guy! I can’t believe that someone can be that petty. New York fans are known for booing and showing their displeasure when things to go right but that’s only because we care so much. Then you have this buffoon, Dolan, who can take the heat for the job he has done.

Money can buy you many things in life but it can’t buy you a brain. #Boom. I’m out.

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