Sports Rain Man re Coronavirus Hiatus, Presidential Debate/ Title Fight; Biden vs Sanders

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – I can’t believe that we weren’t allowed a #Coronavirus-enforced break! I mean, at this point I am not sure what to talk about. If we were a network, we would be running “This Week in Baseball” replays because there is not much else to talk about. Although, we could kill sometime with the Rugby Wrap Up podcast. Anyway, our line for this weeK are Coronavirus Hiatus & Presidential Debate.

Coronavirus Hiatus

When the NBA took a hiatus, that was when I realized that this thing was real. The league is a massive money-maker for the players and owners, so when they decided to take a hike, that is when I knew this was for real. I knew some smaller soccer leagues had decided to play in front of empty stadiums. The NBA was considering that but I heard Lebron LeBron was not happy with that idea. Never did I expect them to cancel games and postpone the season. As soon as the NBA did then it seemed it like the floodgates were open and MLB followed suit with their delay of the season. After that it became clear that there would now be no sports and nothing to watch on TV for a while. Looks like I may need to get on Netflix and re-watch the whole “Friday Night Lights” series again or maybe even “The Wire.”

Joe_Biden, Bernie_Sanders, Barry_Sanders, Meet_The_Matts, Junoir_Blaber

Presidential Debate

The only sport in town this weekend was watching the presidential debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. The two Grandpas went at it and it was weird. The stage was far off, the contestants were 6 feet apart as per the new rules on social distancing and there were no fans. Large gatherings of people is now a no-no. A weird tangent on this is that my kids daycare is still open as of now, which feels weird with the whole state of emergency being called. It is going to be even weirder, as people are forced to be home all day with their kids and spouse. Tensions are about to get high, as parents are going to find out just how big a jerk their kid(s) is/are and the peeves of spouses are gonna be a big problem. Marriage Counselors and Divorce Lawyers will be busy for years after this.

Anyway, the debate was the only competitive match-up this weekend. This was a boxing match where Biden was the reigning champ and dominated the first 6 rounds and challenger Bernie stayed in it. Barry Sanders needed a knock out and, unfortunately, he got a draw. The champ was just not slowing down or dropping his guard. It looks like it is over and we are all waiting for Mickey/Bernie’s corner to throw in the towel.

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