Sports Rain Man: White Guys Be Quiet, NBA Comes Back, Return of EPL


EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday!  I say that as a reflex but the seeing as the world is on fire, a little good will never hurts. I have never seen America – or the world – like this and never thought I would see it like this. Not the best segue but here are the topics for today: White Guys Be Quiet, NBA Comes Back & Return of EPL.

White Guys Be Quiet: I am so glad our own Short Matt is one of my good friends because he put it best when he said white men need to shut up about the struggles of people of color, same goes for pregnancy. From prominent players like Drew Brees to the CEO of CrossFit, to assistant coaches in college programs, all made the mistake of opening their mouths, now and in the past. It’s best to just recognize it is a problem, nod in agreement and keep it moving or ask how you can help. It’s like these guys have never seen how fast you can become Jimmy the Greek and how fast his career went down over his comments.

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NBA Comes Back: Looks like the NBA is coming back. It will be a 22-team tournament that is taking all the teams from the pre-Covid shutdown that had a chance to make the 16-team playoffs. This means that the Knicks have missed it, as well as a couple of other teams that were having a horrible seasons. I don’t think the fans or the players can complain because your season was already pretty bad. Besides, today we were close to finishing off what might have been. I believe the NBA was only like six to eight games left to play to fulfill their contractual obligation with ESPN and securing a big  payment packet. The idea to return is clearly driven by the business need to make money, like any other league. We will see how this tournament turns out.

Return of EPL: One league that will be back faster than the NBA is the Premier League – the top soccer league in world – arguably. They also have their contractual obligations to fill. But it looks like it’s going to be a hectic schedule with a lot of action crammed over the next few days. I am glad that my United are back even though it looks like level pole finally win the title. This gives me something to watch over my back so I’m all excited.

Speaking of getting excited over kicked balls, come back tomorrow for Big Ben Whitney. But first, feel free to comment below.

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