Big Ben Tuesday: Hiding from ‘Rona in NHL Bubble, Yankees Pitching Problems

STAMFORD, CT – Friday was my 10-year wedding anniversary. My wife and I both forgot. #2020. The big news is several thousand Florida Marlins tested positive and the baseball season is already in jeopardy. God, I’m sick of this crap. I really want to write about our inept government response on every level and the fear porn bombardment by the media. But few will want to read a four billion word rant. Instead, I’ll retreat to the warm confines of the NHL Bubble and an early look at the possible NY Yankees pitching problems.

Bubble Questions

The New York Rangers have a tune up game against the Islanders¬†on Wednesday night and then it’s straight into the playoffs for August Absurdity!

This is totally unprecedented and anything can happen. I’m pretty pumped.

The Blueshirts play at noon on Saturday vs the Hurricanes in Toronto. Then the Panthers and Islanders are set to face off at 4 pm, also in Toronto.

NHL Bubbles or the Baseball Season about to pop

What happens if the Rangers game goes into like 3 OTs? Do the Panthers and Isles just sit around and wait?

The teams that do not have to “play in” have a little round robin for seeding purposes. I guess this gives them a chance to get a little work in so they’re not rusty when the do or die games start. But I feel badly for the Bruins, who were easily on their way to the President’s Trophy, but now will have to battle to get the top seed. Wait, that’s a lie. Screw them.

But whoever wins it still gets their names on the Cup. A Cup is a Cup. Right Hank?

Will the winning team will be passing it around and drinking beer out of it, Ovi style? Uh, no. Even the most ardent ‘Rona denier is not gonna do that.

Yankees Early Season Pitching Concerns?

It’s a first world problem, to be sure, so settle down Matts, but the Yankees bullpen sure looks a lot thinner with Betances across town and Chapman out with the ‘Rona. Guys like Chad Green and Tommy Kahnle, who were mainly middle inning guys last year, will be counted on to get big outs.

New 8th inning guy?

James Paxton, the number two starter, sure looked hittable vs the Nationals. It’s not a good sign when back surgery is only six months in the rear view and your fastball velocity is way down.

Still, I could see the Yankees winning two of three 19 more times and finishing 40-20. But it will be hard to win the World Series with MLB letting 57 teams into the post season this year.

If the season gets cancelled, do the stats still count? Will the guy who hit four dongs last night have that erased from the books? That would suck. #2020.

I’ll wrap it here. Come back tomorrow for some [entertaining] doom and gloom from Angry Ward. Follow us on Twitter at @BenWhit8, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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