Teams With Best Chance Of Winning NBA Title This Season

SPANISH HARLEM – The start of the NBA season almost upon us and while there are still games to determine what teams make the Playoffs, we do know what teams are the favorites and what teams are on the bubble (see what I did there?). Home court advantage is basically non-existent due to the fact all the games will be played in one city, with no fans of either team being allowed in to watch the games. Some believe that due to this unique situation, most teams have an opportunity to win it all but I’m not one of those people.

Below are my favorite teams, in no particular order:

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Any team that Lebron James is on will always be looked at as a contender to the title and this year is no different. You add in the best big man in the game in Anthony Davis and the chances improve significantly. The best pick and roll duo this season and maybe of all time, have this team as the perennial favorite in my book. With a solid supporting cast and “Playoff Rondo”, you can almost see them walking away with a title this year.


It’s still weird for me to have this team in my favorites because they are the Clippers but that’s what happens when you add, Kawhi Leonard, the best all around player in today’s game via free agency. With that signing, they were soon were able to add Paul George via trade to a team that was considered a surprise playoff team last season. There are people in the media that believe this team has the best roster from top to bottom and could give the Lakers a run for their money, if they both make it to the conference finals.

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The team with the best record in the NBA for two years in row boast an MVP in Giannis Antetokounmpo, who before the season was shut down, was looking like he would another to his mantle. They are the favorite to come out of the east and the only sure fire team that could beat the Lakers or the Clippers in finals. They have a great outside shooting team and have a destructive force in the middle with Giannis, who will command double teams, makes them the favorite to come from the Eastern Conference.


I know they lost their best player and leader from last season in Leonard but have you seen this team play this season? They are second to the Bucks in the east and haven’t lost a beat without Kawhi, they were still playing at a high level this season and have the experience and know how to compete on the biggest stage. They have a group of players that believe they are the team to beat as defending champions. While some will have you believe that the Boston Celtics are better, I won’t look past them the Raptors. They have shown heart and resilience, and that makes them my surprise team of this playoffs.

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