Two Most Important Players In New York Baseball

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SPANISH HARLEM – You know the cliche, “Great pitching always beats great hitting” and so this is where this article begins and ends. The New York Yankees and Mets have their eyes on not only being competitive but on winning it all. That is, of course, when and if the season ends. Nothing will be more important than making sure their pitching staffs stay healthy to start the season.

The Mets have built their team around pitching, while the Yankees have build their team around their young and talented hitters. This past offseason the Yankees were able to snag their true ace in the free agent marketĀ  and are hoping he is the missing piece to their championship aspirations. So with that said, lets there:


The New York Yankees were finally able to snag the pitcher they coveted. The Yanks have been after Cole since he was eligible to be drafted and while it failed early on, they finally landed their big white whale… with the largest contract ever given to any pitcher in baseball history. With the loss of last season’s ace, Luis Severino, to Tommy John surgery, the signing of Cole became even more important than people thought.

Cole was the best pitcher in the American League last season, though he lost the Cy Young award to former teammate, Justin Verlander. To many that was a crime because Cole had a lower ERA and more strikeouts but I think people were more impressed with Verlander’s age and production than Cole’s overall better production. Yankee fans knew they were missing that true ace to match with other aces and the organization found the best one – and possibly the best pitcher in baseball – to lead their team.

jacob-degrom-Gerrit Cole, Meet_The_Matts, Buddy_Diaz


The winner of the past two Cy Young Awards in the National League, is considered the best pitcher in baseball and rightfully so. The last time I remember wanting to watch a New York pitcher pitch that wasn’t on the Yankees was Doc Gooden. deGrom has been an absolute beast for the Mets and if that team expects to go far this season, it will be because deGrom has lead the way. The back flare-up is nothing serious, as the MRI came up fine. He’s day-to-day.

The Mets don’t have one of the best offenses in baseball, like the Yankees, but they could have a really good one if they can somehow keep Yoenis Cespedes in the lineup. That will certainly help because if deGrom wasn’t as good as he has shown, his record would look worse than it does for someone so special. Regardless of the facts, the Mets are built off their pitching and if the Mets want to contend in the National League East and beyond, big game deGrom will be a big reason why.

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