Big Ben Tuesday: If 2020 Were A… New York Sports Edition

BEN_WHITNEY, Meet_The_Matts, Marv_Levy, Donald_Trump, Joe_Biden
BEN_WHITNEY, Meet_The_Matts, Marv_Levy, Donald_Trump, Joe_Biden

Stamford, CT: If 2020 were a Saturday Night Live cast member, it would be Gilbert Godfried. You all know the “If 2020 Were A...” game. Let’s play, NY Sports Edition.

If 2020 Were

A New York Yankee, it would be Giancarlo Stanton. When the Yanks acquired Stanton, many joked/fumed that Jeter was still on the payroll. Well, after playing 32 games in the last two seasons, it looks like the joke in on Cashman. In the first game of the season the TV broadcasters made no fewer than 4,000 references to Stanton’s new, less bulky physique. That’s worked out great.

Dishonorable Mentions: Gary Sanchez, Mike Tauchmann.

A NY Met, it would be Marcus Stroman. This guy straight used the Mets to get a year of eligibility then bailed. The Mets traded two of their only decent prospects to get him in a season when everyone expected them to be sellers. The reasoning was that he wasn’t a rental, he had another year. Scumbag move, if you ask me. He should’ve waited until a month in, when the Mets were out of the race. But hey, they got 11 starts and 4 wins out of him.

Dishonorable mentions: Edwin Diaz and Ahmed Rosario.

An Umpire, it would be Joe West. West kicked out Nats GM Mike Rizzo for not wearing a mask. Rizzo was in a luxury suite by himself. In 2020, that makes sense.

An NBA game deciding play, it would be the tickey tack touch foul called on Giannis in a tie Game 2 Bucks Heat with no time left. The slight touch came after Butler had released the ball and it did not impact the shot. I’ve seen more contact in a game of tag with my 3 year old daughters. It’s awesome when the refs decide the game!

BEN_WHITNEY, Meet_The_Matts, Marv_Levy, Donald_Trump, Joe_Biden
The real SB XXV goat Joe vs Don: Not Ideal

An NHL play, it would be Scott Mayfield’s broken stick on a pass led to the double OT game 6 winning goal on the Islanders series vs the Flyers. The Islanders won the series in Game 7 though, and so did the other 2 teams who almost blew 3-1 series leads. The NHL bubble has been awesome, it belongs in another year. Surely we’ll have to suffer through the Islanders winning the Cup. Or else the Lightning will win it, and Ryan McDonagh will hand the Cup to Kevin Shattenkirk. The Rangers former Captain handing it to a guy they bought out and is still eating up dead money cap space. Perfect.

A Baseball Play, it would be the Luke Voit’s check swing single vs the Mets. The Yankees were down four to the Mets in their last AB. Voit hit a check swing dribbler through the shift-vacated right side. Two runs scored but Thairo Estrada was caught lollygagging into third and was gunned down. But he didn’t slide for some reason and the ball popped out. A total eyesore of a play. The Yankees went on to win, but it’s been downhill from there.

And he only washed his hands for 19 seconds…

A New York Sports team, it would be the Yankees. Sure, there has been injuries up the Chief Wahoo, but there is a parade of guys hitting in the .160 to .185 range. They haven’t scored or protected leads with their “mighty” bullpen. They’re trying to hold off the vaunted Baltimore Orioles and Seattle Mariners for the last playoff spot when eight teams make the playoffs. This isn’t how it was supposed to happen. They’re currently blowing a big lead to the Blue Jays, who  have put up a TD and a FG in the sixth.

A Super Bowl Coaching Decision, Marv Levy’s play calling on the final drive of Super Bowl 25. I always think of Norwood as the goat in this game, but the Bills were in great position and had plenty of time to get closer. Thurman Thomas had a big run out to his own 40 with about a minute and a half left. But Marv got dink-n-dunk happy. He had to be aiming for at least the 25. Norwood was 1 for 5 lifetime on grass over 40 yards. After a short catch , the Bills had time to throw a few passes and try to get out of bounds. Instead, they ran a draw to Thurman that was successful but only left them enough time to spike it and set up the 47 yard attempt. Terrible call by Levy.

That’s my time. If 2020 Were An MTM Contributor, it could any of us. We’re all fooked. Come back tomorrow for Angry Ward.
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