MLB Hot Stove Heating Up In Bronx As Yankees Sort Menu, MLB Free Agency

Buddy Diaz

SPANISH HARLEM – The New York Yankees have some tough decisions to make this offseason. There is no doubt that the end game is winning championships in the Bronx. So with another year down the drain, can Yankees brass do something to change their odds? This month I’ll be analyzing players the Yanks should keep or let go, along with others they should pursue. Things may change as we get closer to MLB Free Agency but I will do my best to discuss one player for each side.

Brett Gardner

He has been a mainstay over the years. The lone player that has ties to the last championship season. A good player on the team but never the best. Respected among his peers and a die hard fan favorite through and through. If you don’t like Brett Gardner, something is wrong with you.

Someone who is looked upon as a leader in the clubhouse, the prankster and is one of the most dedicated. He was a unique player in that he was a on-base magnate and a superior defender. Very good in the modern era of analytics because he provided a speed guy that can get on base and provide gold glove caliber outfield play.

As much as I appreciate the work ethic and the defense, it’s time to give Clint Frazier the opportunity. The guy has played his best all round season yet, if there was a time to give someone the reigns, this is it. We know he can hit major league pitching and has power to all fields. While I know the Yankees will be giving up much on defense with Frazier, he has shown that he can get better in the field. It’s time to move on from Gardner and make Clint Frazier your everyday left fielder.

OR... Get rid of Aaron Hicks. Gardner and Hicks are basically the same player.

Trevor Bauer (click this)

This is a bit far-fetched but there have been rumblings that Trevor Herrick Bauer would be willing to bet on himself and take a big one year deal. If that’s the case then its possible to fit him in to the rotation. If the Yankees bet on the one-two punch of Garrett Cole and Bauer in the playoffs, then you might have one of the best going into it. Compliment them with a healthy Luis Severino and you have a formidable force.

No one knows what the Yankees will do because money talks and what team is willing to shell out more (maybe the Mets) but it’s an idea that should intrigue the club. Is he a loud mouth that talks too much? Sure, but what New Yorker you know doesn’t do that. He is perfect for New York, whether it’s for the Yankees for the Mets.

Come back tomorrow for Different Matt, Grinding Ax or Cam James, depending on who pulls the short straw.

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