Adam Gase Pardons Sam Darnold, Michigan Politicians & Circus Lions, Liberty Flames

Adam Gase Pardons Sam Darnold, Michigan Politicians & Circus Lions, Liberty Flames, Dennis Rodman, Trump, Meet_The_Matts, Matt_McCarthy

NEW YORK, NY  – Wow. Signing up for Google alerts on breaking sports news is not for the weary.

Short Matt

Nor is it for any of you that want to keep your job. It is indeed overwhelming, but overwhelming in a kid in a candy store kind of way. Pour moi (a nibble for a Quebecois fans), there were three things of the zillion that actually stayed in my over-saturated noggin and here they are: Adam Gase Pardons Sam Darnold, Michigan Politicians & Circus Lions, Liberty Flames


Does anyone else see a certain shared madness between Gase and fellow dead man walking, President Trump? Both have a crazed look in their eyes and neither was qualified for their position. That’s not a political statement and yours truly doesn’t discuss voting choices, so save it. The outgoing (?) POTUS pardoned General Michael Flynn, who then suggested suspending the Constitution to hold a new election. It’s apropos that you can read about it on Yahoo news. Unsubstantiated rumors flying around Mattville has Flynn and Dennis Rodman joining Rudolph Giuliani in Trump’s 2024 cabinet and election committee. Meanwhile, Adam Joseph Gase came out with a pardon of his own, offering a mea culpa of sorts to Sam Darnold, whose career he likely destroyed:
Adam Gase, New York Jets, Meet_The_Matts“I came here to help him, help him [d’Arnaud Darnold] develop his career, and we haven’t been able to do that… We need to do things well around him, but at the same time, it’s on me to get him to play better than what he’s played. “I haven’t done a good enough job.”

Hey Coach, you’re being too hard on yourself. It’s not like your team is 0-11. Oh, wait…

Michigan Politicians & Circus Lions

#COVID-19 has really been a pip. First, it shuts the world. Then it divides us, families and the best of friends, in its significance. It has altered everything in a world gone mad. Apparently, this COVID Craziness has seeped into the water coolers of our legislators, who seem to be conflating things a tad. Look at Michigan, for instance. A group Great Lake State legislators sent a letter to Detroit Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp, asking her to hire 49ers Defensive Coordinator Robert Saleh to become the next Detroit Circus Lions Head Coach to get fired after 2 years. Humph. One wonders…  Is that in their purview/job description or have they lost their marbles up there? Mind you, this is the state where they love the rather douchey Jim Harbaugh. And that doesn’t mean I don’t think the guy should get the frogging job, so save your judgemental assertions!

Liberty Flames

Okay, I admit it. The name of the team is what caught hold of my gnat-like attention span. There’s a lot you can with it. Does it represent our aforementioned Constitution or Bill of Rights going up in flames? Maybe it’s the sequel to Blades of Glory. Neither are applicable here, though, as it is the name of the college football team whose week went up in COVID Flames. As Rona cases ran through their locker room, a collective “Yay!” was [allegedly] heard coming from the BYU lockers. See, the Cougars have played a bunch of sh*t teams this year, making their 11-0 record suspect. It also would likely keep them from getting into the bowl thingy. Enter the suddenly opponent-less #18 Coastal Carolina and BOOM… all is right in the money-whore halls of NCAA Bowl Committee HQ! What I find stunning here is the amount of money it must cost to fly a college team someplace and put them up at last-minute booking prices. Who pays for the COVID testing that is required in such a damn-the-pandemic-we-must-play scenario? To give you a bit of reference, Rugby United NY is the pro rugby team in NYC. To get their season up and running they need to test players three times a week at $15o per test. That’s all out of their pocket and comes to $450,000 for a 30-man roster and a smattering of coaches/staff. How many people travel with a D1 college football team? The COVID cost alone has to be staggering. And back to the poor Liberty Flames; they lose the cash they’d get for playing AND have to pay for testing/treatment. Maybe, just maybe, college football games aren’t this important. Just sayin’.

Adam Gase Pardons Sam Darnold, Michigan Politicians & Circus Lions, Liberty Flames, Dennis Rodman, Trump, Meet_The_Matts, Matt_McCarthy

Feel free to comment below and comeback tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin, who eats #COVID-19 for breakfast.

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